Fallen Valor has helped over 1,200 offenders in 2020

Don't Let Freedom scare you from being your best self


Leaving the prison system as an ex-con, no matter what your crime may have been, is to be seen as your opportunity to better your life and have the opportunity to get back on the right track.

Unfortunately, for many men and women now re-entering society, the limits placed upon them due to their criminal record drastically affects their ability to find sustainable employment.


That is where Fallen Valor is making a change.


Since the ’80s, the prison population in Oklahoma has increased by 276%. In 2018 alone, there were over 26,000 people in the Oklahoma prison system and with the trend continuing to rise, the amount of people being released after serving their time, is also increasing.

Many men and women entered the system for the first time due to minor offenses yet upon release…

now find their dreams of lawful employment dashed due to discrimination.

FallenValor works with over 3500 employers in the State of Oklahoma to give hope to those who want a better life

And Give The Gift of a Second Chance!

You Are Not Alone! We Can HELP!

We have helped thousands of people secure not just a job…but a life long career!

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How You Can Support Fallen Valor?

There are hundreds if not thousands of reports and statistics of people returning to a life of crime after being released from the prison system.

Often, this is due to the fact that once returning to society, they are looked down upon and not given the opportunity to show off their growth and positive change as a human being.

Fallen Valor understands that everyone deserves a second chance and by supplying ex-felons with a FREE up-to-date list of quality employers willing to hire despite a criminal record…

We are helping to lower the recidivism rate (rate of return to prison after release).

This, in turn, helps our communities grow, betters our economy, and lowers the cost to taxpayers in supporting prison systems. A win-win for ALL!

Your donation helps to ensure our database of employers remains up to date with the latest employers willing to give a second chance to those in need.

Since 2015, our employer list has grown from 19 to over 3500 and we continue to strive to find more corporations and businesses to allow more opportunity for a variety of positions within the work force.

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About Us

Today, we are proud to say we have been able to help thousands of men and women secure employment after incarceration and we continue to strive to allow everyone to reach for their goals and better their lives one job at a time!


Member Testimony

Got a job 1 week after being released from Jess Dunn thanks to Fallen Valor.

Jason Roukat

After trying for months to find a job on my own, after using FallenValor I found a job within 2 days.

Mallory Heald

Had to give them a try and I was highly impressed. Its hard when companies reject you. I almost gave up but my probation officer told me about FallenValor and within a week I had my first job out of prison.

Casey Burgress

After 20 years locked up, Fallen Valor was able too find me a job and within two years I now have employeees under me.

Mathew Butler

Helping others to better their lives in a meaningful and long-lasting way!

Bettering our communities by helping to provide sustainable employment to those in need!

Making a real difference in our nation’s prison population by stopping the cycle!


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We at Fallen Valor hope to answer any questions you may have therefore, we have comprised a list of the most common questions to help you discover more information!


1. Am I guaranteed to secure a job after using your site?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee job placement due to many factors such as your own personal skill level, employment openings, job location, and more. However, we do try to maintain an up-to-date listing of employers within the State of Oklahoma that have a good record of hiring ex-felons and are geared towards providing a second chance.


2. Is there a membership fee for ex-felons to access the business database?

A. We do not charge a membership fee to access our database. We understand that returning to society can be a trying time without having access to excess funds, therefore, we merely ask that you donate as much and whenever possible to help others find their careers as well. If you find employment through our site, please come back and make a difference in another’s life!


3. When I donate, where does my donation go?

A. All donations are used to ensure the data base of businesses within the State of Oklahoma is up-to-date and always growing as well as ensuring our digital website is functioning at its top performance ensuring a great user experience.

Businesses come and go every day and it is our goal to ensure we are able to provide the most accurate information possible to provide the best opportunities to those seeking employment after incarceration.


4. I am an employer who hires ex-inmates, where do I submit my information?

A. Please contact us directly at Daniel@FallenValor.org so that we may add you to our database and you too can begin making a difference in someone’s life!


5. Is the business database only for the State of Oklahoma?

A. Currently, we are only providing an employer list for the State of Oklahoma but hope to expand as our membership and donations increase so that we are able to help more ex-felons find a fresh start at life.


6. Are you a non-profit organization?

A. As of right now we are not a registered non-profit due to financial restrictions, however, as our organization grows it is our goal to apply for non-profit status in the State of Oklahoma.