Why your small business should hire ex-offenders (Part 1)

Small businesses are responsible for providing employment to a majority of the workforce. America has a very diverse population that’s full of unlikely candidates in a competitive job market. A group that society tends to forget when discussing the struggles of getting hired is ex-inmates.


People who have been incarcerated face a high unemployment rate after getting out of jail, hindering them from making an honest living. They also face a lot of discrimination while looking for work as a conviction disclosure often signals a red flag. As a business owner, you have the decision and ability to hire an ex-convict.


In this two-part series, we will be discussing how you’ll be helping an ex-convict by giving them work and how you can benefit from it.


Helping Them Integrate Back Into Society


A study found that providing employment is an excellent way of giving ex-offenders the opportunity to re-enter society. A place in the workforce can reassure them with a sense of belongingness and a purpose like most people. Giving them a paying job can also provide them with independence and a way to support themselves and their loved ones.


As a small business, it’s essential to exude philanthropic values. Rejection can make ex-offenders lose any hope of being anything more than their past. You can end this cycle of discouragement by just hiring one formerly incarcerated person and showing how harmless it can be.


An Applicant Pool With Less Turnover


Many ex-offenders face difficulty in landing a job after getting out of prison. Some have no choice but to stay unemployed despite applying for as many jobs as possible. The applicant pool of ex-convicts is left untapped despite it being so vast and broad in variety. Look through their resumes and find an amalgamation of skills and qualifications; they’re not all too different from what you would also find in a regular applicant pool, so why not take the chance?


In addition to that, hiring an ex-offender entails less turnover. You don’t have to spend time resourcing and rehiring people as it’s likely would stay longer than other employees. Most ex-convicts understand that work opportunities can be scarce, so they value what’s offered to them.


Effort in Exchange for a Second Chance


Many business owners who have ex-offenders on their team often boast of the positive work ethic and dedicated efforts they provide daily. They come in early. They are respectful to customers. They can share their talents to help clients. You can chalk it up to plain gratefulness, but it goes to show that ex-convicts are prepared to work. Give credit where credit is due.


Having ex-offenders and that kind of devotion on your team can be refreshing when you’re just starting out. You can get a sense that they’ll do whatever they can to contribute to business success. That passion will be beneficial and fuel your brand in the long run.




Small business owners just have to look past someone’s history and treat ex-convicts as regular job seekers. There are hidden gems all around that are ready to toil for your enterprise. Remember to keep an eye out for part II!


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