Why a Criminal Record is No Longer a Hinderance to Employment

When you have done time, it can appear on records. In effect, you may feel ashamed to show your face for job interviews because you think that recruiters will automatically say no.


Even if you have made significant changes to your lifestyle, you may still have immense guilt for your crimes. But the fact of the matter is things are changing as more companies are openly welcoming ex-felon job positions. If you are still hesitant, then let’s get to know the facts to ease your mindset.


This article will discuss three relevant facts about finding jobs for ex-convicts and the significant strides that the country has made to give individuals like you a second chance. Take this as an opportunity to move on to new beginnings and positively impact today’s society. Who knows, you may even change others’ drastic opinions on criminals through your changed behavior!


Fact #1: A study by the Society for Human Resource Management and Charles Koch Institute finds that more companies are having a difficult time looking for qualified applicants.


Your skills and relevant experiences are what most recruiters are interested in, and it seems that this trend continues to rise. The problem is there’s a significant decline in the unemployment rate. It means most employers are having a hard time hiring for open positions. As a result, you can expect a wider search for competent applicants like you.


These implications are further elaborated by a study headed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Charles Koch Institute (CKI). According to their research, more than 80 percent of managers and two-thirds of HR executives say that workers with criminal records have equal, or even greater, value to their companies compared to other applicants. Furthermore, most informants added that they would be open to working with ex-convicts. As such, if you are interested in applying for new career opportunities, don’t hesitate to do so.


Fact #2: Most states, like California, are now actively doing what they can to provide job opportunities for individuals with criminal records.


Starting July 1, 2020, it has become more convenient for eight million Californian residents with criminal records to get their professional work licenses. It is part of the state’s reformations to ensure ex-felons, such as yourself, can be employed. It’s all thanks to the AB-2138 law, which gave room for major licensing reforms and showed other communities that criminals can be trusted to work, especially if they are willing to apply for jobs and make positive changes in their behavior.


Fact #3: The White House in 2016 has an upstanding initiative called the Fair Chance Business Pledge to offer ex-felons the opportunities to get employed as they reintegrate into society.

The Fair Chance Business Pledge is a recognized government initiative by big-time corporations, such as American Airlines, Facebook, Starbucks, and more, to offer ex-convicts jobs. It even levels the playing field for applicants since there’s a push to ban the check box in application forms that inquires if you have a criminal record. You are only asked the question later on in the hiring process, meaning you don’t have to worry about recruiters forming opinions based on face value. Instead, what they will focus on are your work experiences and skills.




Having a criminal past could be something that held you back before, but the good news is you have a chance to turn a new leaf by being gainfully employed. Many individuals are also changing their mindset as refreshing opportunities and achievements have been made to ensure you are welcomed back into society with open arms. Remember all the previously mentioned facts, prepare your resume, and look for employment today!


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