What to know when Securing a Guard Card as a former Felon

Can felons apply for a security guard card? If this is a question you are asking yourself, you are in the right place.


Yes—a felon can indeed apply for a security guard card to finally work as a security guard. However, there is a catch if this is the path you want to take. The felon may need to first get a Certificate of Rehabilitation to prove that they have changed their ways for the better. Without it, the prospect of becoming a security guard will be nothing but a pipe dream!


With that said, let us delve deeper into the topic. In this article, we will focus on the Certificate of Rehabilitation, and what can be expected when trying to apply for it.


Why Apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation


Other than the fact that an individual will need such a certificate to apply for a security guard position, there are many reasons to apply for it.


First, a Certificate of Rehabilitation will open many more job positions—and not only just as security guards. When it comes to obtaining licenses, such effort will also be much easier since there will not be many hindrances with the certificate at play. Finally, it can also allow individuals to restore their right to carry firearms, given that they also gather other permits to carry firearms for the job at hand.


Note that when it comes to firearms, the decision will fall onto the Public Safety Commissioner. They may or may not approve a security guard to carry a firearm depending on a few factors, such as the relation of the crime to the job, aka killing an officer. They will also ask about the rehabilitation one went through, carefully going through the history to make sure the individual is truly a changed person. In addition, they will also consider other convictions, such as crimes related to integrity, sexual offenses, serious felonies, and the likes—all of which will automatically decline the application.


Obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Security Guard Card


Note that not all states will offer a Certificate of Rehabilitation. The only states that do offer it include Virginia, Arizona, California, Florida, and a few other places. Keep in mind, however, that not all states require the certificate either! For instance, Kentucky does not require a felon to have the certificate to apply for security jobs. However, most states do, so it doesn't hurt to have one.


That being said, after finally obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation, the task does not end there. The security guard card is still needed, and when applying for a security guard card, there are a few things that can be done to obtain it successfully.


First, full honesty is a must. Lying anywhere will only lead to trouble. Second, documenting all experiences and courses related to the job will also improve the chances of securing the position!




If you are a felon, please understand that life does not stop there. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone certainly has the opportunity to change for the better. As such, if you find yourself looking for a job as a felon, know that there will always be a way for you to secure it. Sure, you may not be able to join some sensitive jobs, but this does not mean there are no opportunities for you—there are still plenty out there. In fact, when you prove that you have risen above it, such challenges can give you strengths that no one else may have, serving as an inspiration to others around you and even yourself.


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