Fallen Valor Mission Statement

Fallen Valor was founded in 2015 when I realized how hard it was for offenders to get a second chance. Ever since that day we have been focused on maintaining relationships with employers throughout the state of Oklahoma to garner a relationship so that those who are reentering society have a place to go. 


Our goals are simple to create a organization where those who have made the wrong decision and ended up on the wrong side of the law get a second chance. Every one makes mistakes and its how we get up from these rock bottom places that determine who we are. With a little bit of effort we have grown our employer database from 19 in 2015 to well over 3,500 employers who will give those who need it a second chance.


If you know of a employer who will let those who need it have a second chance please reach out to us at info@FallenValor.org.