Jobs that may not Accept People with past criminal records

Most companies or organizations usually perform a background check on their applicants. A significant number of people—millions of them, in fact—end up not being able to get employed as a result. It's natural to see just where the employers who quickly brush-off anyone with a criminal record or history of run-ins with law enforcement are coming from.


Are background checks really that important?


Background checks are often inaccurate, which leads candidates who are deserving to miss out on a job or full-on career opportunities. It's a pretty big problem for people who just want to be able to start working again and get back on their feet. Most companies that perform these background checks don't have much incentive, if at all, to ensure that the documents they provide are fully accurate.


Many people have remained without jobs through absolutely no fault of their own. However, there has been some pushback against this, such as the Obama administration's move to "ban the box" on job applications at the federal level.


If you're reading this, you probably don’t have a crystal clear record, and finding a job has been particularly difficult. While there are definitely ex-felon job opportunities, the reality is, there are certain jobs and career paths that you won't be able to get into. This is dependent on factors such as the nature of your previous convictions or crimes, as well as the laws in your area.


What jobs will people with criminal records not be able to get into?


  • Child Care


The child care industry is not too keen on employing individuals with past criminal records. If you somehow manage to get an interview at a child care or daycare center of some sort, it’s probably wise not to expect too much. This is especially true when you reach the part about your record or background.


  • Finance


If you have even the most minor charge related to fraud, theft, or anything that involves money matters, employers in this industry will be wary about welcoming you on board.


  • Government


There is a wide net over this specific category for a reason. If you have a felony, expect that you won’t get voted into office or work for a federal agency. There's a very tough screening process attached to government jobs. If a crime or felony appears as they screen your application, they'll automatically move on to other candidates.


  • Health Care


This field has a little leeway, but just a little. Getting a job in the health care field depends largely on your specific circumstances. These jobs usually involve access to private information and data, alongside pharmaceuticals and drugs. That makes it less likely for anyone with convictions or crimes to be hired in this field.




It is entirely possible for people with criminal records to get a second chance. This typically includes getting a job, though with intensive background checks, many otherwise qualified people don't get employed. That being said, some career paths or jobs won't be attainable at all, including child care, finance, and even the government. However, this doesn’t mean a dead-end for you. Several jobs hire even those with past criminal records; you just have to know where to look.


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