Can You Get a Career in the Healthcare Industry as a Felon

If you’re an ex-felon, you might find it challenging to find a job, especially if you’re looking for a job in the medical field. Also, if you were working in the medical field before you got convicted, it’s likely you may not get your job back anymore.


The medical industry requires credible professionals, and their work usually involves taking care of others. If you have a criminal record, that always doesn’t mean you can’t take care of other people. Therefore, although it’s challenging, it’s still possible to get a job in the medical field.


Being an Ex-Felon in the Medical Field


The medical field is one of the best job sectors in the world, and they offer many benefits. Moreover, healthcare will never go out of demand, which means that it’s one of the most secured industries. That is why it’s no surprise that ex-felons consider pursuing a career in the medical field, and it’s usually the security that it brings that attracts them.


There are plenty of excellent healthcare opportunities, and you can guarantee that they will provide you with rewarding experiences.


The healthcare industry can help an ex-felon make significant, positive changes in his or her life. Almost every experience in the industry is inspiring and pushes people to help and care for others.


Seeking a Job in the Healthcare Industry


There are many factors to consider when considering a job in the healthcare industry as an ex-felon. The most important factor here is the type of crime you committed. Some crimes can make it difficult for an ex-felon to get a job in the healthcare industry, such as the ones that involve fraud, lying, or cheating.


Drug offenses, violent crimes, and sexual offenses are also crimes that may raise concerns when applying for a job in the healthcare industry. This is because you will be exposed to patients, and in most cases, you will take care of them. Having been convicted of any of these particular crimes may reflect badly on the healthcare facility.


Don’t lose hope, though. Here are some of the medical jobs for felons that you can be accepted for:

  • Medical billing and coding: Medical coders are vital to the healthcare industry, and some of them work at hospitals and clinics, but are separate from healthcare providers. They also work off-site, away from patients.
  • Medical administration assistant: This involves clerical work, yet there are three boards you need to get certified for. Having a felony conviction off your record will not affect your ability to become certified by any of these boards.




There remain to be many opportunities for felons to land a job in the healthcare industry. So, if you’re considering applying for a job in the medical field, know that it can be challenging, but it’s still possible. Don’t lose hope! A job in the medical field can give you the security you need and allow you to start all over again, making your life so much better.


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