Best Tips for Getting a Job Evan If You Have a Felony

There seems to be a growing misconception that it's impossible to find jobs for convicted felons. This is simply not true. A lot of people may find themselves wondering, understandably: How can an ex-felon get a job? Employment will come differently than the standard path, of course, but there will still be a wide variety of jobs available.


What are the best tips to get a job even if you have a felony?


  • Have solid references on hand


Ask at least five people if they will allow you to use them as a reference. Make sure that you have their complete details: name, address, phone number, and even e-mail. Having reliable references on hand when you apply can make all the difference.


  • Observe proper hygiene and good grooming


Cleanliness should come first, on several levels. Be sure that you're in clean clothes, you've taken a bath, you're sober, and that you've brushed your teeth. Look good and smell good for every interview or similar job hunting endeavor you go on. It will mean a lot to any prospective employer you come across, even with your record.


  • Only apply for jobs that you're sure you'll be able to get done


While this may seem like a rather obvious statement, it's still worth saying. A number of people who have felonies end up applying for jobs that they don't qualify for. Certain laws in certain states keep people who have felonies from taking on jobs in particular industries.


However, particular jobs may not be applicable to you not because of your record, but because you don’t have the skill or skill sets required. Not having proper transportation to get the job and back home can also be an issue. If you know you won’t be able to perform on that job, don’t apply for it.


  • Share your story


As tempting as it may seem, you should not lie about your post. The last thing an employer wants is to get an unpleasant surprise or shock by uncovering a part of their employees' past they didn't know about. Honesty about what you went through and your present changes can make all the difference.


  • Stay clean and sober


This may seem like another obvious statement, but it also bears repeating. Stay sober at all times. You'd be surprised how word of mouth will spread; as it is, you already have a record and a reputation that precedes you. Be sure that you don't give yourself more problems or obstructions to your future. Aside from keeping yourself in the best possible shape to do the job you end up being hired for, it will also be beneficial to your overall health. When you stay sober, you will be able to build a solid network of trust.




Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to get a job despite having a felony on your record. There are several tips you can employ in order to get a job. This includes staying clean and sober, having solid references on hand, and to be honest about sharing your story.


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