10 Career Opportunities for Convicted Felons - Part 2


Every single year, thousands of people leave and enter the prison system as convicted felons. It can be intimidating to try to get back on your feet after being convicted, but all hope is not lost. More and more companies in the United States have become open to hiring convicted felons. Some of them even offer on-the-job training if you don’t have experience in their field.


This is part two of our three-part blog series about what kind of jobs an ex-felon can get. Make sure to read part one to get the full extent of our list, and watch out for part three!


In the previous post, welding and oil rigging were two career options that were discussed. Here are four more:


  1. Military


It may surprise you to learn that a felony does not automatically disqualify you from applying to the military. A felony waiver is a special permission granted to a US military recruit with a felony on their criminal record.


If you have a felony conviction and you want to pursue a military career, your first step should be to contact a recruiter. Be completely upfront and honest when the recruiter interviews you—they will be doing a thorough check on your background, so even a benign lie can lead to your rejection. In your first meeting, your recruiter will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for a felony waiver.


You will have a better chance of getting into the military if you show that you have adjusted to civilian life and if you have character references from police officers or other local officials.


  1. Electrician


A career as an electrician is possible even if you have a felony on your record. Working as an electrician is an excellent choice because you will primarily repair homes and businesses indoors. You can earn an average of $50,000 a year, and the demand for electricians will only go up in the next few years.


If you want to look into becoming an electrician, check your state requirements. Some states have state licensing requirements, and applying for a license may be limited to those who have clean records.


You can opt for working as an electrician’s apprentice—an unlicensed position for which many employers don’t require a clean background check. An apprentice position can be your first step in a long career as an electrician.


  1. HVAC Technician


HVAC technicians deal with heating and air conditioning systems in just about any building with an HVAC system. If your company offers 24/7 repair services, you may have to spend a lot of time on call. On average, HVAC technicians make around $40,000 a year.


While some HVAC companies hire convicted felons, the road to becoming a qualified technician can take some time. You’ll need to study in a trade school, get your license, and apply for an apprenticeship. It’s a worthwhile effort because this is a field with a lot of job security.


  1. Truck Driver


With online shopping on an uncontrollable rise, the demand for truck drivers is sky-high. The turnover rate in commercial truck driving can be high, so companies are always looking for new drivers.


If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and you’re willing to work hard, you can earn an average of $40,000 a year, and you’ll be able to see all corners of the country. Consult your state truck driving school to see if your conviction will keep you from getting a CDL.




If you have a criminal record, all is not lost on the career front. Getting back into the workforce can seem intimidating, but don’t let your fear get in the way of the opportunity to get your life back on track.


There are many resources online that can help you get a foot in the door in many industries. This is only part two of our three-part blog series, so stay tuned for part three and click back to part one for even more career options.


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