Felon Friendly Job Blogs

  • Pursuing Change - 3 Job Hunting Tips for the Convicted

    How can you find a job in industries that continue to carry stigmas? The journey will remain tumultuous, but we've gathered these helpful tips for you to consider: Tip #1: Remain as honest as possible There's no other way to place it-a criminal record is a tricky road to navigate, and one that cannot be avoided.

    Remember to walk the interview through your relevant skills and experiences, and always talk in a positive light, Tip #3: Practice makes perfect Talking about your criminal record can be terrifying, so preparation is always key.
  • How to Enter the IT Industry - A Guide For Ex-Felons

    What Are the Possible IT Jobs I Can Get? Information Technology offers variousjob opportunities, depending on your expertise.

    Conclusion Your criminal convictions can hinder you from getting an IT job at first, but you can eventually land your dream job by remembering the information in this guide.
  • Juvenile Records and Background Checks - Should I Be Worried

    A juvenile record is a history of crimes committed before the age of 16 or 19, depending on your state.

    You may wonder if a juvenile felony will show up in a background check and if you can have these records expunged or sealed.

    Some states may not allow background checks, such as an employment background check, to look at juvenile records
  • Truck Driving Careers for Ex-Felons-Your Quick Guide

    Are you an ex-felon looking for job opportunities? If you love driving, youshould consider working as a truck driver.

    The Most Important Step: Complete Your Truck Driving School Driving a truck isnot the same as driving a car or motorcycle.
  • Can a Background Check Hurt Your Chances of Being Promoted

    What will happen if a background check discovers a crime? In case background check occurs and that they do find a crime in your record, it will generally not concern them.

    Are there any limitations on a background check? There are laws in place that do not allow companies to use certain information gathered from a background check against an applicant.
  • Felon Looking For a Job? Companies that will Hire You.

    If you are a felon who wants to get employment and start life on a clean slate, you may have more success in looking for a job in these following companies.

    Felon Looking for a Job: Companies That will Hire You It is understandable thatyou may feel some fear and apprehension when it comes to applying for a jobafter a felony conviction.
  • 4 Tips to Successfully Apply for a Job with a Felony

    Leaving anything out when asked will hurt your chances to be employed-especially if they find out you've omitted some information.

    Be specific if asked for convictions Always be specific if you are asked what your convictions were.
  • What Big Companies Give Job Opportunities to Felons

    What Kind of Jobs Can an Ex Felon Get? Fortunately, many companies grantopportunities to ex-felons.

    Conclusion Getting a job from big companies is possible for felons, thanks tothe Fair Chance Pledge and all the companies supporting it.
  • Can You Lie about Your Criminal History in a Job Application

    Whether it's your first job or your tenth job, finding work will always be achallenging and rewarding experience because of how much time, effort, anddedication you put into it.

    It's important to note that lying on a job application is a route not worth takingbecause it acts as grounds for rescinding a job offer, or worse, termination ofemployment when the fact comes to light.