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What Big Companies Give Job Opportunities to Felons

If you have ever asked if felons can find jobs, you are on the right page. This article will enumerate career opportunities for felons trying to start a new life as law-abiding citizens. If you or your loved one is an ex-felon, worry not! Contrary to many opinions, you have a big future ahead of you. You can start that by checking out different job openings in these felon-friendly companies.


What Kind of Jobs Can an Ex Felon Get?


Fortunately, many companies grant opportunities to ex-felons. These companies believe that everyone has an equal right to job opportunities. Here are some of the options:


1 - Work at Facebook


Facebook is one of the most prominent digital companies today. If you have the talent, knowledge, interest, and skills related to the tech industry, you can land a job in one of the top social networking companies.


If you do not believe it, check out their Facebook careers' FAQ page. You will see this phrase: "We also consider qualified applicants with criminal histories, consistent with applicable federal, state, and local law.""


The best thing is that this company offers many different roles, so if you are not a software engineer, you might find other positions and jobs. After all, every company has many important functions from every discipline, regardless of the industry.


2 - Land a Job at American Airlines


American Airlines is another company that expresses full support for the Fair Chance Pledge. The airline does not like discrimination of any sort, which is why they thoroughly consider all qualified applicants, including those with a criminal history. Simply put, if you have the qualifications, you will be considered for the job regardless of your background.


If you think you have the guts and wisdom to become cabin crew, ground staff, or part of the logistics team, start looking for job openings in American Airlines now.


3 - Find a Job at Walmart


Walmart does not discriminate against felons. This company is in full support of the Fair Chance Pledge, and anyone with criminal background could apply for any job openings. However, they have two rules:


  • Felons should have finished their conviction time.
  • Felons cannot apply in departments that use firearms.


While this might seem unfair, it is nevertheless commendable that Walmart hires felons regardless of their history.


4 - Be Part of Google


If you are surprised to hear about the three giant companies we just listed, wait until you are hired at Google. This tech giant is pleased to welcome felons to their company. Like Facebook, you can also see their note on their official career website. Google offers a wide range of career opportunities for individuals of many different backgrounds, so do not feel discouraged if you do not have advanced technical knowledge.


5 - Get a Job at Koch Industries


Koch is one of the pioneer supporters of the Fair Chance Pledge. If you are looking for another large-scale conglomerate to find work, you should look into this company. Since Koch Industries is diverse, you can secure a career in many fields, such as chemical manufacturing, finance, energy, or agriculture.




Getting a job from big companies is possible for felons, thanks to the Fair Chance Pledge and all the companies supporting it. Hopefully, this article uplifted your spirit and made you feel better about your career. Start updating your resume and look into the career sites of these companies. We wish you the best of luck!


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