Felon Friendly Employer

Tips for Ex-Felons to Get Employed Again—What to Know

For ex-felons, getting back into the outside world may be a bit difficult, especially if you’re facing a lot of discrimination. You may have served time, but the whole ordeal of finishing your sentence doesn’t end once you get out of jail! People are often judgemental of others, to the point that even when they’ve paid for their past crimes, there would still be looks of mistrust and apprehension.

With all of that being said, it’s true that you may find it hard to get a stable job right after being freed from prison. As you’ve finally managed to change your perspective in life while you were inside, it would only be understandable that you would like to start anew now that you’ve made it outside. It’s not a “walk in the park,” but you would be able to manage! Simply take note of the following pointers to help you out in the long run.

Know About Your Rights

Everyone has rights, even those who were just freed from prison after serving their time! They have the right against discrimination, the right to earn a living, and the right to work harmoniously without experiencing unnecessary judgment from others. 

There are instances in which you may need to declare that you are an ex-offender; however, some states and legislation would not actually require you to do so. Make sure to ask a legal professional about this so that you wouldn’t have to keep on explaining yourself each time you’d have a job interview. Remember, the goal here is for you to start a new leaf—there is no point in recalling the same story over and over again if you don't need to.

Gather Job Experiences, No Matter How Small

Understandably, you would have close to nothing to show in your resume if you’ve just got out of prison. The most practical solution to this would be to take things one step at a time! 

After getting hired on your first job since being freed, do well on that and continue to hone your skills, no matter how minor your role would be in that position. Over time, you would have enough job experiences to show in your application. 

Don’t rush; it’s natural to start slow when starting a new life.

Think Long Term and Sort Out Your Goals

No one said that starting a new life was going to be easy. Yes, it’s hard, but you have to keep your head up high and move forward. 

Let go of the past and learn from it! Who you were before is not the same person you’re looking at in the mirror right now. If you want to experience change, be the change you want to see in your life. 

Do good on your applications, be honest about your situation, and let the HR presonnel know of your skills. Starting out again requires a long-term outlook in life, and it would also require you to set expectations and goals! You have to have a vision of who and what you want to be in the future, and that would be your core motivation to keep pushing forward.


Starting out again is not an easy ordeal to get through. Despite the fact that you’ve already served time, you may still experience the full brunt of assumptions from other people who do not even have an idea of what you went through! 

Yes, it’s easy to get frustrated by this, but you should have faith, be strong, and stay determined to start again and live a prosperous life. Prepare your resume, answer every question honestly, and be ready to show your skills! Don’t let others drag you down; there is no other way to go but forward.

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