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The Rundown About Whether or Not FedEx Hires Felons

A lot has changed over the years, including the way people view people who have felony convictions. While some career opportunities or paths are still inaccessible to them, many have loosened up and opened up. There are now several jobs that hire felons, even some that people don't expect. This includes jobs from worldwide shipping service provider FedEx.


What's the best way for a felon to heighten the chance of getting a job at FedEx?


It's entirely possible for a flat-out no to become yes, or at the very least a maybe. Simply hoping everything works out for the best after filling out an application form won't get you anywhere. Having a felony on your record puts you at a disadvantage that's all but insane when compared to other potential applicants. This means your best bet is to work smarter and harder than the other applications, who likely do not have criminal records on their resume.


Here are some possible steps to take in order to improve the chances of a FedEx job being secured:


Choose the best possible position or job


One of the best ways to improve the possibility of getting hired by FedEx is to choose the correct job type to apply for in the first place. Don't go for positions that involve driving or safety, and don't go for positions that involve management. Look for the positions where competition is less yet has a high demand.


Several positions are tagged as being left to employees who they will not necessarily trust in full given a previous felony conviction. It's so important to at least get your foot in the door, which will let you prove to the company just how valuable and trustworthy you actually arestarting with your supervisor.


When it comes to FedEx, look into these positions:


  • Warehouse/Material Handler - This job looks for people who can operate their equipment efficiently and safely to move documents, heavyweight, and packages. This also calls for helping out in the buildup as well as the breakdown of pallets that have freight that is considered heavyweight.


  • Package Handler - This job is a non-driving one, and it involves loading and scanning items. Documents, dangerous goods, and packages are all moved along in this position. It also involves the supply of support where needed.


While both jobs are rather intense when it comes to labor, they pay quite well. Most importantly, they are wide open to felons. It's worth noting/remembering that the whole point of taking on this particular job is for your foot to at least get in the proverbial door. That way, you will be able to move up properly later on.


Go about the application process properly


The application for FedEx is online, through a form. It's a simple enough one that does not include queries about whether the applicant has a criminal record or felony convictions.




Many people tend to wonder whether or not FedEx hires felons. The short answer is yes, they do. Of course, the chances of hiring are better in positions such as warehouse/material handler and package handler.


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