Felon Friendly Employer


Because of media and outdated society standards, people with criminal records think that finding a job may be difficult. However, many don't know that people who have criminal records may actually have minimal issues when it comes to employment.


Job search, in general, can be difficult. But for people with criminal records, the obstacles may be different. Fortunately, some companies are offering jobs for felons in Oklahoma to ensure that anyone with a criminal record can re-enter society and have a job to help them lead a better life.


In this article, we'll talk about how criminal records can affect your employment and how you can do well in your job search. Let's get to it!


Digging Deeper on Criminal Records and Employment


Last July 1, 2020, California enacted a licensing reform to make it easier for residents with a criminal record to gain professional licenses from 37 licensing agencies in the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).


Additionally, a study made by the Society of Human Resource Management with the Charles Koch Institute stated that the attitude of hiring workers with criminal records is making a huge shift. According to them, many managers and HR professionals believe that workers with criminal records can bring as much value to an organization as workers without records.


With that being said, even workers are willing to work with people who have criminal records. At the same time, 30% to 40% are neither willing nor unwilling.


Work History is What Matters


If there's anything an employer looks at to determine if an applicant is hireable, it's their work history — and this is the magic weapon for people with criminal records. According to managers and HR professionals, they look at the consistency of an applicant to see if they are hireable despite their criminal record.


Remember — most companies have shared goals, and it's to hire the best candidate, give people chances to improve their careers and improve their community.


The great thing about the hiring process today is that employers are only allowed to ask the applicant about their criminal history when they are further along in the hiring process. They may seem like a minimal change, but it greatly affects how the employer perceives the candidate.


With that being said, when employers look at candidates' potential in the workplace more than their past mistakes, it not only uplifts the candidate but also shows how much they care for the well-being and development of their community.


Finding the Right Place to Work At


As mentioned earlier, many companies are open to hiring individuals with criminal records. So if you're looking for jobs that hire felons in Oklahoma, it's best to browse through credible job directories that can make your job search as smooth as possible.


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The Bottom Line: Remember — You Are Not Your Criminal Record


Understandably, looking for a job with a criminal record can be quite daunting, and re-entering the workforce can feel incredibly intimidating. But if there's one thing that you should remember, it's to take big steps and keep in mind that you are not your criminal record.


Bring your confidence back and improve the quality of your life — start looking for felon-friendly jobs today.


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