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Retail Job Opportunities - How To get Hired at Nordstrom

Having a criminal record doesn’t mean the end of your life. There are people, companies, and foundations that understand the difficulties of living with a troubled past—and they are willing to give you a chance to start over and make a positive transformation. Being a felon may not be an obstacle to employment, but the number of job opportunities will be much more limited than before.


It may be difficult for you to land a job in banking, insurance, health care, and real estate as an ex-felon. Even so, don’t you worry; Felons can find jobs! When one door closes, another one opens—there many more career opportunities in other industries that are willing to give you another chance.


Working in Retail


Many companies have available jobs that hire felons. Compared to non offenders, employees with criminal records are more loyal and tend to stick around for much longer. Some hiring managers say that ex-criminals become great team members because they appreciate being given a second chance; thus, they make sure to give it their all at their work!


Working in retail involves selling merchandise such as clothes, furniture, and more. You will be expected to drive sales through engaging customers, sharing product knowledge, and interacting with customers in a welcoming manner. If you have above-average communication skills and experience working in a department store, retail may be the one for you!


The Challenge of Landing a Retail Job


Keep in mind that as an ex-felon, some career paths will be harder to traverse—not exactly impossible, but much more challenging compared to becoming an electrician, carpenter, truck driver, or freelancer. As a retail salesperson, you will be dealing with other people, so the company needs to ensure that you can interact with customers in a way that will meet their standards.


The Chances of Getting Into Nordstrom


Getting a retail job is difficult; not many companies will take your application seriously, and some may not even consider you from the get-go. However, there are exceptions—and Nordstrom is one of the few retail businesses that do hire people with criminal pasts.


Nordstrom is an upscale fashion retail chain that offers clothing collections for men, women, and children. They also offer jewelry, beauty products, home furnishings, and footwear. The company has 200 stores across the country and more than 50,000 employees. If you want to become one of those 50,000, you’ll need to step up your game!


What It Takes to Get Hired


Nordstrom puts the utmost importance on customer satisfaction. As an associate, you will be expected to be friendly, dedicated, and hardworking for the customers will have an enjoyable shopping experience.


Remember to always be honest throughout your application. Nordstrom will perform a background check on you, so there’s no use hiding your past. You may not be able to erase your criminal record, but you still have a chance—focus on making a good impression on the hiring manager.


During your interview, make sure to convey your enthusiasm and knowledge of Nordstrom. Let them know that you are willing to work hard to provide excellent service to the customers.




Felons can find jobs! Everybody deserves a second chance, including you. It’s not the end of your life—you can still have a second chance to try again and to be better. Just look for companies that are open to hiring ex-felons and reach out to foundations that are willing to guide you through your job search.


Are you having a challenging time looking for career opportunities? Fallen Valor can help you with your job search! Our organization aims to help those who made mistakes to get up from rock bottom. We have been maintaining relationships with employers throughout Oklahoma, so ex-felons will have a place to go. Browse our employer database to get started!

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