Felon Friendly Employer

Moving Forward - What Employers Can Do to Help Ex-Convicts

Having a previous criminal record and trying to look for jobs that hire felons is tough. Adding to that burden is being incapable of acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree due to personal matters, further impacting an ex-convict’s chance of gaining a career.


Unfortunately, America’s criminal justice system is heavily tainted, leading many companies and establishments to avoid hiring people who were convicted of a crime in the past. Even though they can prove they have what it takes to fill in an open role, plenty of businesses would rather move on to the next qualified candidate.


If you are a business owner that disagrees with the unfair treatment that ex-felons receive when all they want is to secure their future and learn from their ways, it isn’t too late to make a difference. You have every right to fight for what you believe in, starting with giving them a second chance.


Keep reading below to find out how you can help convicted felons in need of a job in your own ways.


Offer Equal Opportunities for All Employees


People who have been convicted of a crime in the past and want to turn over a new leaf will begin by looking for good-paying jobs to help them live a better life. Businesses have what it takes to offer them the chance to earn an equal amount of salary as other working professionals.


When you become the beacon of hope for ex-convicts, you allow them to make a living for themselves without letting their dark past bring them down. Instead of falling further into despair for the crime they’ve done before, you’re inspiring them to keep going.


Looking past their criminal history and on towards their expertise that fits your job requirements not only uplifts their life, but improves the reputation of your enterprise as well.


Make an Effort to Ban the Box


Ban the Box is an initiative that plenty of companies located in various cities and states across America are applying to their practice when it comes to fair employment opportunities. Rather than become biased with the hiring procedures, you can provide ex-felons jobs without looking into their criminal records during the application period.


That way, everyone has a shot to prove themselves and show interested employers what they’re capable of doing and if they’re fit for the open role. The necessary background checks will only occur after they have moved further up the hiring system!


Despite the lack of effort of some enterprises to apply Ban the Box and provide everyone an equal chance at employment, other companies are willing to take the risk and make it happen. They want to offer second chances for hardworking individuals who made mistakes in the past and are eager to learn from them!


Spread the Word and Start Hiring Right


Once you’re ready to make the next move and offer felon-friendly jobs by getting rid of unjust hiring methods and limitations, you have to tell the public about it. Besides announcing your new policies to your current employees, clients, and business partners, it will help to post about it online too.


Taking to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to spread the word reduces the time it takes to reach the right people to start applying for your company. You’ll be surprised to know the positive reactions you can receive from your employees and customers that support the same cause as you.




Previously convicted felons that want another shot at employment deserve the same rights as other people because their mistakes don’t define them—how they choose to keep living do. If you’re a business owner aiming to provide career opportunities for those who have done wrong and are willing to change, you must strive to offer equal chances for everyone you hire!


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