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Medical Marijuana and Background Checks - What you need to know

If you have a chronic medical condition and have an authorized prescription to seek medical marijuana to treat it, you’ll need a medical marijuana card. Known as an MMJ, it allows you to purchase medical marijuana products to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms to improve your quality of life. It is distinguished from recreational marijuana, which is consumed to experience its psychoactive effects.


Since an MMJ is a document that allows you to obtain marijuana legally for medical reasons, you may wonder if this will show up in background checks when browsing jobs for felons in Oklahoma. Here’s what you need to know about medical marijuana cards and background checks:


All About Medical Marijuana Cards or MMJs


MMJs are technically called medical marijuana recommendations since they are a legal requirement for anyone using cannabis products to treat a medical condition. To be eligible for an MMJ, you must have a physical condition that qualifies for medical marijuana treatment. Each state has its qualifying conditions, so it’s best to check the list for Oklahoma.


Once you obtain the MMJ, you can buy medical marijuana at a dispensary, an establishment authorized to sell cannabis products for medical use. The staff will ask you to present your card, so it’s essential to keep it with you at all times.


All About Background Checks


When looking for jobs that hire felons in Oklahoma City, you’ll be subjected to background checks, and you may be worried about MMJs showing up and hurting your chances of being hired. What shows up in the check ultimately depends on why it is being conducted and the person carrying it out. For example, a potential employer carrying out a background check may go through every record available. Some companies prefer running only criminal background checks.


Most background checks consist of looking into criminal records, driving records, credit records, the sex offender registry, and validation of the Social Security Number. Juvenile convictions that a court sealed usually do not show up on a background search. Any other criminal convictions tend to appear unless they happen before the set time limit for reporting convictions in a state.


Medical Marijuana and Background Checks


You can obtain an MMJ from a physician, which means, by law, all information they have on you is protected due to doctor-patient privilege. Anything you tell your doctor is confidential, which is further reinforced by statutes.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA is a federal law that protects the record of medical marijuana evaluation. It certifies that your name will not appear on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of marijuana users, which means you can privately use medically recommended marijuana. That means only the dispensary you purchase from will know you have an MMJ, but they won’t be able to access information related to it, like your medical records. Your possession of a medical marijuana card will not show up in background checks, even on a federal level, even if the review is exhaustive and all-inclusive.




Even though you are an ex-felon, owning a medical marijuana card will not impact your chances of finding a job. That means you can continue to purchase medical marijuana freely to treat your condition and improve your symptoms, as it won’t show up in the background checks that potential employers will conduct when evaluating your job application.


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