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Juvenile Records and Background Checks - Should I Be Worried

A juvenile record is a history of crimes committed before the age of 16 or 19, depending on your state. While you may not think much about them at that age, if you are about to undergo a background check for any reason, this might worry you. You may wonder if a juvenile felony will show up in a background check and if you can have these records expunged or sealed.


In this article, we will delve into those questions to help you know what you can expect out of your background check and your juvenile record:


Will my juvenile felony show up in a background check?


The answer to this question will depend on the state you are in. Different states have different laws about how juvenile records are treated and handled. For instance, some states may not allow background checks, such as an employment background check, to look at juvenile records. However, government entities may be able to access such records.


That being said, if your juvenile felonies can show up in a background check depending on the timespan between the act and the background check. For example, if you committed a felony at the age of 16 and are now 30, that is a fourteen-year delay between the two. Many employers will not even look that far into the past. However, this does not mean that the offense is not on record.


How do I hide or get rid of my juvenile record?


There are ways for you to expunge or seal your juvenile record. When this is done, you can legally tell people and organizations that you have never committed a crime. However, many factors depend on state laws.


For example, some states may allow you to seal a record once you hit the age of 18 and even automatically do so, while others will only seal it once enough time has passed after the end of the case. Another factor that can affect your ability to expunge your juvenile record is your current charges. If you are facing charges as of this moment, you will not be able to expunge or seal your juvenile records.


We highly recommend that you work with an expungement lawyer to help you out in this case. They will help you understand whether you are eligible for juvenile records expungement and will help you through the process to get it done.




With all of that being said, taking the time to clear your record may be worth it. This way, you would not have to worry about your juvenile records hampering your job searches and any endeavors that may need a background check.


That being said, in many cases, you would not have to worry about your juvenile records even if you face background checks. Employers may not look far into your history enough actually to find anything, let alone access your records. Just be sure to check with state laws and employers to see what the background check covers. That way, you can be fully prepared to answer any questions if needed.


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