Felon Friendly Employer


Every year, thousands of convicted felons released from prison are expected to integrate into society seamlessly. They are supposed to stay off the streets and be as productive as possible. Reintegrating as a productive member of society gives ex-felons routine and structure, as well as income that will keep them from any repeat offenses.


Unfortunately, the reintegration process often does not go very smoothly. For one, finding a job as an ex-felon is incredibly difficult. While many employers are open-minded and happily hire ex-felons to join their ranks, some industries and professions will be completely off-limits for anyone with a criminal history.


Listed below are five occupations that felons are ineligible to apply for unless under specific exceptions:


  1. Law Enforcement


In general, law enforcement positions require candidates with non-existent criminal histories. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will not even review applications from ex-felons, whether they’re applying as an agent or administrative staff.


Most correctional facilities don’t hire people convicted of a felony, but regulations may differ depending on the state. For example, the Texas Department of Public Safety accepts ex-felons whose convictions are older than 10 years.


  1. Healthcare


Ex-felons are banned from working within the healthcare industry, whether as doctors, nurses, dentists, physician’s assistants, radiographers, psychologists, veterinarians, or pharmacists. However, some states and healthcare facilities accept ex-felons for low-paying positions such as housekeeping, nursing assistants, and administrative staff.


  1. Education


Convicted sexual predators are banned wholesale from working in schools and educational facilities. If the felony conviction was non-violent and not related to children, some schools may hire ex-felons as cooks, janitors, and other low-level positions.


  1. Various Occupations with Licensure Requirements


Ex-felons are typically barred from obtaining, possessing, and maintaining most state professional licenses and certifications. They cannot obtain the credentials necessary for employment in the following fields: real estate, accounting, architecture, insurance, pest control, insurance, interior design, and others.


  1. Private Sector


Private businesses and corporations are free to set their own standards for their employees. While establishments in white-collar industries offer few positions for ex-felons, it is not impossible to find an office-based position if you are so inclined.


More and more hiring managers and employers are recognizing the value of putting their trust in people with criminal histories. In fact, some private companies’ advocacies involve reintegrating ex-felons into society through employment opportunities.


How A Felony Conviction Keeps You From Employment


As listed above, state laws and regulations regarding ex-felon hiring are vastly different. Private companies set their own limits. Some industries, however, strictly bar individuals with specific felony convictions listed below:


Alcohol charge – If your conviction is related to alcohol use, you cannot obtain employment as a bartender, alcohol server, or any position in a liquor store.


Firearm charge – If your felony is related to the use of firearms, you will not be able to find employment in law enforcement, security, or any position in the firearm retail industry.


Finance charge – If your offense is related to money, you are barred from working in financial companies and institutions.




Some positions are entirely barred for ex-felons, but some restrictions are void, depending on your state or how many years it has been since your release. Some companies and institutions have seven, ten, and 15-year limits on hiring restrictions. If you want to know what kind of jobs an ex-felon can get, there are online resources readily available for you.


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