Felon Friendly Employer

Important Tips on Getting a Trucking Job as a Former Felon

Being a former felon can be quite tough. Even when you've already served time, there would still be stigmas and discrimination when it comes to public perception and job interviews. 

It is understandable that the general public may still be reprehensible about your past; however, what you were before is different from who you are right now! You've definitely changed and are only hoping to turn a new leaf, do good towards the society, and pay your dues like any normal citizen.

With all of this in mind, you're probably thinking of getting a trucking job that will sustain your new life outside prison. While it is regarded as one of the perfect jobs for former felons, there are still crucial details that you'd have to take into account in order to be accepted. 

If you're unsure about these details, look no further than the following pointers.

1. Acquire a Commercial Driver's License

A commercial driver's license (CDL) is required in order for you to get hired for a trucking job. Even before the training begins, you should have a CDL ready. 

The good news is, being fresh out of prison does not prevent you from having one. We've mentioned before that trucking is one of the most viable job options for a former felon, and it is for this very same reason why that is the case!

2. Pay Attention to the Technicalities of the Crime

This may deviate a bit from the first pointer since it mentions many of the crimes that disqualify you from getting a CDL. 

Unfortunately, if your crime was related to violence, theft, vehicular offense, and alcohol and drug-related offense, then you might as well try looking for another occupation. These are indicators for immediate disqualification!

3. Be Honest in Your Job Interviews

There is no need to lie! Your potential company will find out soon enough about your record as a former felon, so it would be much better for you to tell them the truth at the very beginning. 

To make a first good impression, tell them all the details—tell them that you've already served time and that you've already changed. Show them that you are sincere about these things and that they have nothing to worry about, that they can trust you with this trucking job!

4. Attending the Required Training

Even if you already know how to drive, you may still be required to attend the training initiated by the trucking company. This is done for a lot of reasons, but mainly, it is because people aren't familiar with driving large vehicles. You may feel comfortable riding a small car, but maneuvering a huge truck on the road is a different story overall.


Being a former felon does not prevent you from having a fresh start out of prison. You may apply for a CDL, get hired by a trucking company, and live out your second chance like a normal citizen. Never take it for granted and be a shining example towards other former felons hoping to turn their lives around.

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