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How to Enter the IT Industry - A Guide For Ex-Felons

As an ex-felon, you probably know too well that pursuing your dream job can be difficult once you re-enter society. This is because your potential employers may only consider your criminal record and not your skills, work experience, and willingness. The good news is that there are ex-felon job opportunities available in the Information Technology (IT) industry as long as you know where to look. To be well-equipped for this task, use this article as your guide.


What Is Information Technology?


Information Technology is an industry that deals with computers involving telecommunications, information management, hardware, and software. Entering this field means securing data and systems, maintaining networks, writing computer software, and more.


What Are the Possible IT Jobs I Can Get?


Information Technology offers various job opportunities, depending on your expertise. You can be a computer programmer if you are interested and capable of writing the computer code to run the computer software.


If you have experience in keeping computers operating, you can be a computer tech support specialist. You can also manage database systems and be a database administrator. Meanwhile, being a computer system analyst may be your best choice if you are skilled in researching the needs of the company you work for and recommending software development.


Are There Required Training Programs I Need to Undergo Before Applying for IT Jobs?


There is usually no certification required to work in the Information Technology industry, but many companies who need to fill IT roles typically require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. This is the standard for technical positions in engineering, information science, or computer science. Some employers also need applicants with an associate’s degree or specific coursework.


Can I Pursue an IT Position as an Ex-felon?


If you are worried that your criminal record can affect your career in the IT industry, don’t worry because you can get a fresh start and pursue any degree you want. In fact, many colleges have no standard policies regarding a background check. However, you should still be prepared in case your admission application asks anything about your history of criminal convictions.


Note that getting an IT job can be challenging as an ex-felon, but you can do so. After all, this industry continues to grow and does not require any certifications or licenses. You have the option to get training programs through community colleges, trade schools, and universities.


Do I Need to Disclose My Ex-felony Record before Applying For an IT Job?


Many states are realizing that using a criminal record as grounds for employability and getting into an educational institution is discriminatory, including the IT industry. Thus, you may not have to disclose your status as an ex-felony unless later on in the hiring or application process. It really depends on where you will get a job or pursue schooling.


However, remember that you should not lie about your ex-conviction. It can prevent you from getting accepted. Just take your time to build a strong resume by receiving training and relevant work experiences to boost your chances of pursuing your dream career. In other words, give yourself a chance to show that you can be an exceptional and trustworthy student and employee.




Your criminal convictions can hinder you from getting an IT job at first, but you can eventually land your dream job by remembering the information in this guide. Note that your crimes should not define you, so do your best to establish an honest life and recover from these past mistakes.


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