Felon Friendly Employer

4 Reasons to Give Your Engineer Job Opening to an Ex-Felon

Work discrimination is unfortunately present in a lot of industries, even in software engineering. There’s so much stigma surrounding who can apply and who are accepted, and one trope that’s been around for a while now is rejecting ex-felons and denying them an honest living. However, there’s so much missed opportunity with refusing to give these former inmates.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider giving an ex-felon a software engineer position at your company: 

Providing Livelihood

There comes a point in everyone’s lives where they believe they are undeserving of any jobs, and having that feeling isn’t something you would want another human to feel. When it comes to those with a criminal record and find difficulty getting work because of it, it’s essentially saying that there are people who don’t deserve the right to support themselves. 

Humanity should be all about helping each other and removing such a barrier. When you have an open position, and there’s an ex-felon applying to your business, look beyond that record and check their credentials like you would with any other person. Providing employment can be one of the biggest life-changers that you can give to these former felons. 

Getting Talent and Skill

When you look beyond their records, you might just be surprised at the sheer talent that some of these ex-inmates have to offer. There are programs for formerly incarcerated people that provide adequate training to ensure that they can pass for a lot of the available jobs on the market right now.

Aside from talent, you’re also getting soft skills like hard work and dedication. An ex-felon usually understands that they’re on thin ice and scrutiny most times compared to other coworkers, so they understand the importance of showing loyalty and presenting their skills whenever needed at a business. 

Covering the Needs

When it comes to industries and jobs with high demand, software engineering may just be one of them. As the digital space only continues to grow, there will be an even more significant need for software programs and experts who can deal with them.

It’s a necessity to make the applicant pool a lot bigger and include people like ex-felons, just so the market can be appeased too. If they can perform just the same as a regular worker, there’s no reason not to enable them to answer a growing demand. 

Earning a Good Reputation

If you want to find even more benefits as to why you should hire an ex-felon to be a software engineer aside from skill is how it would look for your company image. Many folks are aware that community integration and employment can be challenging for ex-felons. 

By hiring someone with such a background, it goes to show that you’re a believer in how people can change and deserve a safe space to reintegrate back into society. It’ll also mean the difference to ex-felons that there’s a possibility to return back to everyday life.


To sum it up, there are many advantages to hiring an ex-felon as your software engineer. It’ll be good for the company’s services and image, but it’ll also be a catalyst for a former inmate’s life moving forward. 

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