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Get Hired in Spite of a Domestic Violence Conviction

Many managers and business owners are hesitant about hiring a person who's been convicted for domestic violence. It can be somewhat challenging to find jobs that hire felons in Oklahoma City when you don’t have any personal connections to draw on. So, if you have a domestic violence record, can you still find a job?


Is it possible to be employed at a good job at all after a conviction?


When there is a conviction for domestic violence in the equation, there is a common misconception that finding work is impossible. That's simply not the case. While it's possible, finding good jobs that hire felons in OKC and elsewhere will be tough. The more recent the conviction, the trickier it will be to find a job as well.


Criminal records are typically red flags for employers. This is particularly true when there is violence of any sort involved in the convictions on record. In some states, there are only limited questions that can be asked regarding past criminal convictions. It's worth noting, however, that should you agree to a background check as part of the hiring process, then your record will likely come to light.


Despite this, some employers are more open and willing to give chances to convicted ex felons. When you start looking into possible jobs that you will apply for, start with refining your search a little: look for occupations that don't involve close contact with persons with disabilities, children, or the elderly. If there are vulnerable people involved, you likely won't get hired, let alone considered.


Specific jobs such as those involving being a safety officer, which includes holding a license for concealed carry or owning a gun, might not be suitable for those with previous domestic violence convictions.


What about going into professional and trade licensing?


When filing for a trade or professional license, you will likely run into problems with a conviction for domestic violence on your record. If you already had a professional license that's existing, chances are, you'll be asked to give it up. This difficulty in acquiring a license means that you either have to find a job in your industry, which doesn't need a license professionally, or get retrained for an all-new career altogether.


It should be noted that this doesn't mean it will not be possible at all for you to get professional licensing if you have a criminal conviction on record. Your best bet is to have proof to show rehabilitation as well as to let some time pass by first. Then, you can try to apply for a new license or work on regaining it in the first place. Needless to say, it's crucial that you have no additional convictions on your record for a prolonged period.




Some people are understandably concerned that a domestic violence conviction will render them permanently unemployed. That's simply not true. There are several conditions and limitations, but there are certainly still employment opportunities out there for ex felons. Take the time to search for jobs applicable to your situation, and you’ll surely find one willing to accept someone who’s starting anew.


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