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Felon Looking For a Job? Companies that will Hire You.

Looking for a job is difficult as it is. However, looking for a job as a convicted felon may sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. As many felons try to turn a new leaf, they worry about how their criminal record will affect their job hunt.


However, one obscure fact is that there are many highly successful companies and organizations that actively hire felons. If you are a felon who wants to get employment and start life on a clean slate, you may have more success in looking for a job in these following companies.


Felon Looking for a Job: Companies That will Hire You


It is understandable that you may feel some fear and apprehension when it comes to applying for a job after a felony conviction. You may feel afraid that your application may not be treated fairly once a background check is run and the company finds out about your felony. Here are a few companies that have good policies when it comes to hiring felons, and are willing to give them a second chance.


1 - Fast Food Chains


There are many fast food chains that are able to look past a felony charge and give felons a fair chance during the interview and employment process. Companies like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Five Guys, and Subway are some of the companies that may hire felons. However, you need to do your research on if the branch you are applying for is one of the company-owned establishments or if it is franchised. Keep in mind that even if the general rule of these companies is that they will hire felons, some franchises may have a different policy.


2 - The Military


Felons who want to get decent and legal employment may find it by enlisting in the military. In the past, the military would offer a choice between jail time or serving in the military. This is a long-dead practice, but this institution continues to keep its doors open to people who want to get felony waivers.


3 - Starbucks


This popular coffee giant is a proud signatory of the Fair Chance Pledge. This means exactly how it sounds, that they will give every applicant that comes through their doors a fair chance. However, it should be noted that each felon will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.


4 - CVS Health


This is another company that stands by the Fair Chance Pledge and actively hires felons. However, there may be some felonies that may not be acceptable, especially if the charge was drug-related.




If you have been convicted of a felony and are looking to turn your life around, it may be a good idea to submit your resume to one of the above-mentioned companies and institutions. However, it pays to do your research before going in for an interview, just to be in control and know what to expect. This is not an all-inclusive list as to the companies that give felons a second chance at life, however, this list is meant to help you know where to start when you send your applications in.


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