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All About Employment Laws for Convicted Felons

It’s no secret that businesses often stray away from hiring a convicted felon, even if they show better potential than the current line-up in the job market. This often leaves aspiring candidates carrying criminal records at a significant disadvantage; that’s why several states employ measures to counteract this discrimination with the Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records

The Importance of Providing Fair Opportunities Without Neglecting Due Diligence

Most employers find it troublesome to hire convicted felons since it often involves extensive investigation of their background. While there are certain degrees of a felony that prevent candidates from getting a job, employers can be at risk of violating the Civil Rights Act under Title VII, such as the following: 

  1. Employers cannot ask about convictions during the job interview, though there are only exceptions if the misconduct would directly impact their job position. For instance, many states do not allow felonies with a history of sexual harassment to get jobs as teachers to students or at-risk individuals.

  2. Employers cannot deploy policies that prevent job-seekers with a criminal status from applying.

  3. Employers cannot discriminate against employees based on their criminal records, especially when their offenses are minor or not related to their field of work.

  4. Employers must always consider the facts of the conviction and the person’s rehabilitation efforts to rejoin society. This means every candidate applying with a criminal history in their records should be given a chance to explain their misdemeanor. 

Felonies Get Equal Job Opportunities, but Certain Jobs are Off-Limits Depending on the Gravity of Your Charge

Several states promote equal job opportunities for convicted felons, but of course, certain charges can still bar you from a specific role. For example, felonies with a history of child abuse cannot take on the position of a child care worker or teacher. Similarly, felony charges involving rape, use of a deadly weapon, or other forms of abuse cannot become lawyers, psychologists, or a security guard. 

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Allowing Convicted Felons the Chance to Be Part of a Productive Society 

Job hunting is harder enough on its own since the competition is fiercer than ever, but having a criminal background staining your records can set you to the back of the race. Fortunately, many states strive to employ laws that eliminate these discriminations and provide equal opportunities for those with a felony charge to become productive members of society. While it’s often on a case-to-case basis, ex-felons still have rights that deserve protection, and that includes being able to flourish in their desired career. 

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