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Does Chipotle Offer Job Opportunities for Convicted Felons

You’ve finally served your time and are now ready for a fresh start. You look forward to bringing back a sense of normalcy in your life by finding a decent job and earning a living. However, finding work with a felony on your record can be difficult. You need to put in a lot of effort searching for companies that hire ex-felons and looking for career opportunities so you can start anew.


While finding jobs for ex-convicts can be quite a challenge, it’s not impossible to find a company that does accept people who’ve served time. It turns out, Chipotle, a Mexican fast-casual restaurant chain, has been reported to hire convicted individuals that have now re-entered society.


What is Chipotle?


To those who are unfamiliar, Chipotle is a chain of restaurants offering Mexican-inspired dishes like tacos and mission-style burritos. They have over 2,000 locations throughout the country, with many career opportunities available regularly.


Chipotle takes pride in preparing and cooking all their food in-house, using primarily organic meat and produce. Anyone interested in gaining some valuable kitchen experience can take a chance to apply at a Chipotle restaurant near your location.


Does Chipotle Hire Ex-Felons?


The official company policy of Chipotle states that anyone is welcome to apply to their restaurants and be subjected to background checks like any other regular job. There’s actually no mention of whether they hire ex-convicts or not, but if you look at the technicalities of their policy, there’s no issue with it.


Several Chipotle outlets have been reported to accept ex-felons into their workforce. However, there’s no guarantee that every Chipotle restaurant does this. They do encourage anyone to apply, and they will have to undergo a thorough background check before being considered for a position in their restaurant.


How Can I Apply For Work at Chipotle?


Chipotle sets a minimum age of 16 years old when hiring employees. Other than that, the qualifications differ depending on the position you’re applying for. Chipotle applications are done online where you provide basic information like your name, address, phone number, work experience, and education. You will then undergo a standard hiring process with face-to-face interviews done in the store. Local managers will likely ask you questions about why you want to work for Chipotle and what customer service means to you.


These local managers look for individuals who want to grow with the company. People who are polite, ambitious, honest, and conscientious are typically what they look for when they’re hiring. It’s your job to prove to them that you possess those qualities despite having a record on your name.


Typically, the application process will take a week or maybe more because of the background checks that Chipotle conducts. They will evaluate your background and focus on felony convictions within the past seven years. Being hired at Chipotle as an ex-felon depends on the nature of the crime.




Chipotle has always had a history of giving felons career opportunities for getting a fresh start. They may not publicly confirm this nor hire every felon that applies at their restaurant, but the company does have an open mind in offering ex-felons job opportunities.


If you’re an ex-convict or you know someone who has a felony record looking for ex-felon job opportunities, Fallen Valor is here to help. Our mission is to create a foundation for those looking for a second chance at life. We work with over 3,500 employers in the State of Oklahoma to give hope to those who want a better life. Contact us today to jumpstart your career!

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