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Can You Lie about Your Criminal History in a Job Application

The process of applying for a job is often one of the most nerve-wracking experiences anyone will have in their lifetime, regardless of where they may be in their career.


Whether it’s your first job or your tenth job, finding work will always be a challenging and rewarding experience because of how much time, effort, and dedication you put into it. Like gambling in a casino or investing in the stock market, your job application will always feel quite nerve-wracking because of how a good outcome can change your life for the better.


A greater concern for applicants


If you are applying for a job, keep in mind that the hiring process is a detailed endeavor, where scrutiny is applied at all costs. Considering that the average job posting sees at least a dozen to a hundred or so applicants, hiring managers and HR professionals are urged to be critical to ensure the quality of candidates.


With today’s processes becoming even more stringent than ever before, it’s clear that applicants have the thinnest margin for error because employees only expect the best. This brings us to a question worth pondering on: should you be honest about your criminal record during application?


The hurdle of criminality


After leaving your criminal past behind and working hard to become a better version of yourself, you’re convinced that the biggest nightmare you can have during a job application is to have your past get in the way.


For any ex-felon, the difficulty of admitting to a criminal past during an application can make for a rather challenging issue because of how much things can go south after omission. While we’d like to believe that today’s world is a progressive one, where rap sheets don’t negate a desire to turn over a new leaf, the truth is that there is still some stigma surrounding the idea of hiring ex-felons.


To those who have spent some time thinking about the possibilities that they could achieve with a particular offer on the table, having a criminal record can be a barrier to a better life. Unfortunately, this same barrier can cause a fork in the road because of how much a detail from the past can lead to a different kind of outcome for the future. In the end, this is why many individuals think about being dishonest.


So, should you lie?


Absolutely not! Unless you want to completely terminate your chances of finding a job, you’re much better off being honest about a criminal record tied to your name during an application.


You see, most organizations now follow rigorous employment background checks that shed complete light on who you are and what your history is like, whether or not you tell the truth. However, it’s important to note that lying on a job application is a route not worth taking because it acts as grounds for rescinding a job offer, or worse, termination of employment when the fact comes to light.


What should you do if you get denied because of your criminal record?


The sad truth about having a rap sheet today is that it’s most likely going to hinder your chances of getting a job because of how traditional employers cling to associated stigmas. If you end up being denied an opportunity because of your criminal past, then you should get back on your feet and try again by searching through Fallen Valor’s business directory for ex-felons for a better second chance!




While the job hunting process is already a difficult experience, having a criminal record can make for an even bigger challenge because of the hurdles it poses. Yet, this shouldn’t justify the idea of lying in your application. If you truly want to turn over a new leaf and find yourself under the wing of an employer who chooses to look beyond your past, it’s best to be transparent and maintain the integrity of your application!


Finding jobs for ex-convicts no longer needs to be as difficult as it used to be. We've put together a list of ex-felon job opportunities and felon-friendly jobs in Oklahoma that you can use to get your life on the right track. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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