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Can a Background Check Hurt Your Chances of Being Promoted

As an ex-felon, finding a job is no easy task. Securing one is a feat to be praised, but if you are in line for a promotion, you might be wondering if your criminal history will stop you from being promoted. A promotion is truly one of the best things that can happen to any working person. Not only would you move up in position, but your pay, benefits, and more can also improve!


That being said, should you be worried about your promotion because of your past felonies? In most cases, not really. You can work like normal and be promoted just like any other employee in the company. Regardless, let us delve deeper into the subject, answering whether or not a background check can stop your chances of being promoted.


Do companies even do background checks when promoting?


In most cases, no. Not many companies do background checks when they are promoting their employees because employers will typically do such a check during the hiring process. Since you are already hired, there is really no need to go through that process all over again. However, should they choose to do it, it is well within their rights to carry out the checks. Such a situation may occur if they are filling an important position—such as a managerial role.


They may either choose to hire new talent or promote an employee. If they choose to promote, the individual may be subject to the same process they set up for hiring someone, including a background check.


What will happen if a background check discovers a crime?


In case a background check occurs and that they do find a crime in your record, it will generally not concern them. Again, they may already know about your history when they hired you, and you would have already been eliminated from hiring if it mattered. Then again, always understand that the employer will do things in their best interest, and if they really do believe that your criminal background is not what they want from a high-rank employee, it is up to them not to promote you.


Are there any limitations on a background check?


There are laws in place that do not allow companies to use certain information gathered from a background check against an applicant. In other words, even if they find something that might be concerning, they cannot use it without the risk of legal repercussions.


Also, when a company does decide to do a background check, it will have to state its purpose in writing. You must give written permission for them to do a background check on you. As such, you will know when they want to do a background check on you, and you will know why they are doing it.




More often than not, companies will only pay attention to your qualities as a person. If they see that you are a hardworking individual and honest in your work, they will generally not pay too much attention to a background check.


Remember, to be considered to be promoted is already a big feat. Despite what happens, however, do your best to live an honest life. Mistakes can stay in the past, and they do not have to dictate your future!


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