Felon Friendly Employer

What to Know About Applying to Staples as an Ex-Felon

Finding a job as a former felon can be tough when it feels like there are few openings available. The stigma against people with a criminal record continues to persist. 

Many are wondering what big brand names are doing and whether there’s a place at all in those offices and stores for ex-felons to go to.

Superstores like Staples seem like a good destination among the many names, so many questions can arise from just surveying it from afar. Does Staples even accept former felons? Does the nature of the committed offenses affect your chances? How heavy is the background check upon and during the application process?

Here are a couple of things to note as a Staples applicant and an ex-inmate. 

The Influence of Staples 

Staples is a part of the retail industry, considered as one of the biggest office supply chains in the US to date. Although the brand originated in Boston back in the 80s, their stores have reached over 1,000 stores in the US alone. In addition to that, Staples has about 600 other stores internationally, making office supplies accessible. 

The red background with white text can be all too familiar for entry workers, students, and the like. The culture at Staples focuses on dedication and hard work as it aspires to offer quality office supplies and the best customer service. If you have the right communication skills and you’re ready to lend a hand to customers, Staples would probably be a good home for you. 

Their Hiring Process

It can feel like second nature to look at the company policies and see whether there’s a clause regarding the application as an ex-felon. Fortunately enough, there isn’t an exact rule on Staples’ guidelines, but it isn’t exactly a walk in the park to apply either. 

Staples’ hiring process begins with an application. The Staples website has a form for applicants, but ex-felons can also try their luck and go directly to a store location to check for openings. Basic information and your Social Security Number are needed for applying.

Along with that, resumes and references are submitted as well. There’s a short assessment about what skills you can offer and the positions you would be interested in. After that, the rest of the hiring process consists of background checks, interviews, and placement.

Background Checks

Just like any other job, there will be a sweep of your background. This usually happens upon scheduling an interview. You can open up about your criminal history and volunteer that information, or just reserve that knowledge during the interview. 

Staples and most companies aren’t allowed to turn away applicants because of a conviction, but it may still be taken into consideration. If an offense was considered to be very severe, the chances of getting hired by Staples usually grow thinner. 

A solid background and set of skills are needed in order to pass the interview with flying colors. If you have the right qualifications and were convicted for a crime that is considered relatively harmless to the company, it’ll land you the job. 


In summary, it is possible to apply to Staples as an ex-felon. There’s a chance you’ll get hired if you’re able to offer the skills that they need and be honest with your criminal record. Stay steadfast and know that you can definitely find a new job and beginning somewhere.

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