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4 Tips to Successfully Apply for a Job with a Felony

If you have a felony under your name, you will understand the difficulty you are faced with when applying for a job. Not many employers want an employee who has a history of a crime—and many will put such an application aside for the sake of the safety and well-being of their other staff members.


While that may be the case, this does not mean there is no chance for you to land a job. In fact, there are many jobs out there that still allow individuals with a felony to work. The catch here is that many other people without such a history may also be applying—so knowing how to properly apply can give you the highest chances possible to secure the job position!


With that being said, here is what you need to do when applying for a job with a felony:


  1. Pay attention to the questions


During your interview and even in your job application, there may be certain questions you need to answer. Read them carefully, and be sure to answer them concisely and truthfully.


If it asks for you to list any arrests, felonies, or misdemeanors, write them down. If they ask you to go into detail about the offense, then do so. Leaving anything out when asked will hurt your chances to be employed—especially if they find out you’ve omitted some information.


  1. Fully understand your history


There is a chance that you may be asked about your record. For this, you need to clearly understand your history.


You can do this by obtaining a copy of your record from your local police station. Typically, the record will contain misdemeanors. If you committed a felony, you would need to reach out to the state police. In any case, if you are unsure of what to do, you can always reach out to your local police for instructions. They will help you get the documentation needed so that you know your history.


  1. Be specific if asked for convictions


Always be specific if you are asked what your convictions were. You can rely on the document you received from the previous tip to answer those questions. Keep it clear and concise, and only go deeper into the convictions if asked by the employer.


Take note that during this, it is not your chance to justify what you did or ask for innocence. What you can do, however, is also share the good things that you did. This can include work experience, training while incarcerated, and other relevant information useful for the job you are applying for.


  1. Read carefully before signing the paper


Most, if not all, job applications will require you to sign the paper or application you’re filling out. You will also see something that goes along the lines of "I certify that all statements on this application form are true and written by me..." This is a binding agreement, and put simply, signing it means that you did not lie on the application! As such, always make sure to tell the truth and only when asked for it. This will help you stay away from trouble, and make sure you do not lose your chances even before you are hired.




To conclude, here is our final tip for you: keep a positive mindset! These challenges can be seriously harmful to you, especially to your emotions and mental well-being. Seeing your application turned down left and right does not do well in your confidence either. However, just keep at it and believe that you will succeed. There will always be opportunities for you to get a job—and by following the tips above, you boost your chances as high as possible to secure the job and make a fresh, new start for yourself!


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