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3 Tips for Dealing with Your Conviction in Job Interview

While a previous conviction will not give you access to every job out there, this does not mean it is impossible. Many jobs allow previously convicted individuals to get hired, but it won’t always be easy. Depending on your charges, certain jobs might be harder for you to obtain than others. As such, knowing how to go talk about your conviction in a job interview can mean the difference between being hired and being ignored.


In this article, we are going to share some tips on how you can properly answer conviction-related questions to secure the position:


  1. Be brief with what happened


One of the first questions your interviewer will ask is about what happened to cause the conviction. Keep your answers as brief as possible, and avoid unnecessary details. You want to help them understand and make an objective decision about it.


Be careful with how you explain the scene. If you make it sound like you are blaming someone, they might not think you are honest. Make sure it sounds like you have learned from the experience!


  1. Share what you did while in jail


The first thing you must do is talk about how you have improved yourself since then. For example, point out the developmental programs you participated in and other things that have helped you grow. If you did not go to jail, then point out other activities you may have done.


For instance, did you go to volunteer for community work? If so, talk about it! Employers want to see how you improved yourself, and if you can show that, they will be much more interested in hiring you.


  1. Explain what you are doing now


If the occurrence happened many years ago, you must talk about what you do these days, including studying and volunteering. Take the time to list down all these types of activities you are currently participating in. After all, the interviewer wants to see that you have learned from the mistake and are now moving on to become a better individual.




Note that even if the interviewer does not ask you about your criminal past, it is your responsibility to bring it up. They will more than likely do a background check on you anyway, and if you are not honest during the interview, your chances of success become slimmer. As such, be truthful about what happened, but do not forget to keep it brief. Remember that the main point of these questions is whether or not you have moved on and grown.


Employers want peace of mind knowing that their teams are safe from any dangers, and if you can prove that you can maintain that secure atmosphere despite your past, they will be more than happy to hire you.


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