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With a Bit of Luck: 5 Historical Wins of Lottery Draws in the US

At least at one point in their lives, everyone has dreamed of winning the lottery. Magically turning your spare change into a million-dollar jackpot is an opportunity anyone can have, no matter how astronomically small one’s chances are. This has led to numerous stories of winners with their rags-to-riches fame.

Proving Lady Luck Is Real: Five Notable Lottery Winners

The first government-run US lottery began its roots in 1964 in the humble state of New Hampshire. Today, the format of a modern lottery is spread across the US, with notable wins from the Powerball and other major lotteries. If you think you’re not lucky with statistical figures, you should consider taking your chance.

In this article, we’ll do a breakdown of five of the biggest jackpots in America’s lotteries.

  1. Mega Millions Jackpot 2012: 656 Million Dollars

Luck doesn’t seem to play any favorites, as is the case with a pair of everyday citizens from Illinois. Merle and Patricia Butler won over 218.6 million dollars as the owners of one of the three winning tickets to the Mega Millions Jackpot. The couple’s share is the largest in Illinois’ lottery history, making them a success story the state can be proud of.

  1. Powerball Jackpot 2018: 687.8 Million Dollars

It’s not uncommon for success stories in lottery draws to be a pure coincidence or a few steps from disaster. For example, Lerynne West almost lost her chance at 343.9 million dollars when she left her ticket in her sister’s pick-up truck. Only when she heard the news of the other winner sharing the pot did she rush to her sibling’s car to claim her prize. 

The 51-year-old then spent part of her earnings to set up the Callum Foundation to raise funds for different causes like animal welfare, war veteran aid, and educational institutions. Her story inspires the great gift and responsibility of paying one’s responsibility forward to others in need.

  1. Powerball Jackpot 2021: 731.1 Million Dollars

Just this year, a mystery winner won the draw for over 731.1 million dollars, all on their own without sharing the pot with other ticket holders. With a prize that high all to yourself, it’s not surprising someone would choose to hide their identity from the public. Since Maryland is one of the few states allowing the concealment of lottery winners, it may be lost in history as to who actually won the draw.

  1. Powerball Jackpot 2019: 768.4 Million Dollars

Similar to this year’s lucky winner, another lucky winner managed to bag the Powerball’s draw all to himself. Manuel Franco took his chance by buying ten-dollar worth of tickets in Wisconsin. With a gut feeling that it’d be his lucky opportunity, he was confident that he wouldn’t end up as one of the tragic winners of lottery draws.

  1. Powerball Jackpot 2021: 1.05 Billion Dollars

It’s highly unlikely for lottery draws to reach the one billion mark, but the whole nation will be watching for the winning draw when it does. Instead of a sole individual, the winnings were claimed by a four-person syndicate who split a lump sum of 557 million dollars.


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