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Winning the Lottery: How to Spot Sweepstakes Scammers

Many people are so invested in lotteries that they can’t track which messages and notifications come from. This is why they would usually be excited upon hearing one of their entries had the chance of making the top draw. However, it’s important to calm your nerves, even after being in a celebratory mood. After all, there’s always a risk of turning your excitement into grief due to scam announcements. 

The Danger of Sweepstakes Scams 

Sweepstakes scammers utilize sophisticated methods to make their messages appear like legitimate notifications from one of the contests you’ve entered. The result is a hefty amount of cash in their pocket from an unsuspecting victim’s private information. To avoid being fooled by these mischievous individuals, you need to put yourself in the right mindset in confirming your win. 

In this article, we’ll share three things you should do to confirm your sweepstakes win. 

1. Study Your Winning Message

People don’t just magically receive a message of their winning lottery ticket unannounced. There’s also little to no chance that you’ll receive a winning notification with odd terms and conditions. For example, some scam messages will ask you for money for taxes before giving you access to your prize winnings. This is a strategy to ask for a little value in contrast to the higher return you’ll receive. 

Be quick to spot the odd details about your winning message. If the supposed sponsor is asking for money, personal information, or any exchange of some sort, it’s most likely a scam. Additionally, claiming your prizes shouldn’t have a limited window of opportunity. This is a strategy scammers use to force victims to act quickly without thinking. 

2. Clarify Your Winning Message’s Details 

Scammers used to find more success with victims before the internet was widespread. This is because their cold calls and direct mail letters were difficult to confirm. Nowadays, you can browse the internet to verify the key details they’ll send you, no matter how vague they are. 

Besides using Google to search the validity of your sponsor’s claims, real sweepstakes typically have a convenient tab showing the results of listings and ongoing draws. There should also be proof of previous draws if it’s a recurring contest or if posts from other people confirming its validity as well. Remember that the internet is your friend, especially since you can look for information conveniently to prevent you from being scammed. 

3. Verify Your Prize Wins Directly 

There are usually two ways scammers trick people into lottery gimmicks. The first strategy is by posing as a legitimate lottery sponsor, which makes them appear more credible. On the other hand, they may pose as an obscure contest from a typical service like a grocery membership or newsletter subscription. 

With either strategy, the best solution is to contact the scammers’ affiliated parties directly. You can do this by mailing their official website or calling them on the phone. Doing so will confirm with their customer helpdesk if they’re running a lottery draw at the moment or the validity of your message. 


Remember to always keep track of your lottery entries, especially if their draw dates are coming up. Another safety measure you can take is to only subscribe to credible sweepstakes games. This way, there’s little chance that your tickets will be used for malicious purposes. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy tickets from a nearby store to join one. Instead, you can participate in lottery draws from the comfort of your own home with our giveaway contests. 

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