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Winning the Lottery: 7 Tricks to Increase Your Chances

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Anyone would appreciate receiving a sudden inflow of cash. The trick is winning and beating a thousand other people vying for the same prize. Fortunately, luck isn’t the only factor when it comes to winning the lottery. 

For that to happen, you’re going to need to understand how the lottery works. Think about it, Richard Lustig won the lottery 7 times. What’s to say you can’t win your dream car giveaway?  

Learning the Ropes 

This part might seem obvious to some but it helps to cover all the bases. Buy a lottery ticket with the numbers of your preference. Remember that you are allowed to choose the numbers on the ticket you pay for.  

These numbers will be the ones that are compared to the winning numbers. If your ticket numbers match the randomly chosen numbers, you win the lottery.  

Choose Your Battles 

For the most part, you’ll have two choices when picking a lottery; state or national. For obvious reasons, the national lottery will have more numbers to choose from. Due to the number of participants in the national lottery though, there is still a chance to win big at the state level. 

Keep in mind that for state lotteries, the physical presence of the ticket holder is required at the time of the lottery draw.  

Save Your Sentiments for Later 

While birthdays and anniversaries hold a special meaning for us, using those numbers might not be the best way to win a car raffle or something. If you think about it, given the number of people in the country, odds are you share a few of these dates with others.  

In fact, the more random the numbers, the better it improves your chances of winning.

Popular Lotteries Aren’t Always the Best 

One thing that a lot of people get wrong is sticking to the most well-known games. This is limiting your chances of winning. By entering in any and all of the available games, you are setting yourself up to win a dream car giveaway. 

Try looking around to see if there are lotteries that you’ve missed out on. Often, these will have less players, increasing your chances of getting the big prize. 

Work in a Group 

Working in groups, or what some people call lottery syndicates, acts as a way to help many participants win. Each win will be divided amongst the participants but this is compensated by the increased chances of winning per draw.  

Of course, you can focus on looking for groups with less participants. While this may lessen your chances of a win, it also means sharing the prize with fewer people.  

Don’t Stick to One 

Lastly, don’t settle on the one ticket. It might seem like the more poetic option, having the same numbers and the same ticket, but it limits your chances of winning that car raffle. It’s simple statistics after all given that all this is based on random numbers being chosen. 


We hope these tricks prove to be useful when it comes to helping you tip the odds in your favor. While these tips may seem inconsequential, they will help raise the probability of you winning the jackpot. Be sure to try these tricks out the next time you join the lottery. 

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