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All You Need to Know About Entering Sweepstakes - Our Guide

Most people don't find sweepstakes and giveaways appealing because they're unsure about its different rules and policies. This reluctance can lead to many confusions and misinterpretations of what actually happens before, during, and after a raffle draw. Thankfully, the best way to combat the spread of doubt and misinformation is to learn the right facts and info. 

In this article, we'll answer five frequently asked questions about sweepstakes from the web.

1. How Legal are Sweepstakes Contests in the US? 

Sweepstakes events are 100 percent legal in the US. However, there are restrictions on some states regarding promotions and participants. For example, Tennessee residents aren't allowed to enter alcohol promotion sweepstakes. For this reason, organizers have to exclude certain demographics' entries. 

It's worth noting that some sweepstakes organizers label restrictions on the scope of eligible participants on certain draws. This is why some sweepstakes and raffles have a smaller prize pool since the number of participants is also much lower. Additionally, employees or members related to company management in the sweepstake organizer's company are ineligible to enter their own draws.

2. Can I Join a Sweepstakes Contest Online?

Although traditional sweepstakes draw required a physical ticket, modern sweepstakes now digitally link players' tickets with ease. Nowadays, you only need to fill an online form with minimal contact details for a raffle entry. This generates a unique ticket number for your specific draw, which will be pooled among other entries. The organizers will then hold draws by randomly choosing from these submitted tickets.

3. How Do I Know If a Sweepstake is a Scam? 

Some people are reluctant to enter sweepstakes because of the dozens of news articles on scam sweepstakes. It's also another layer of doubt with regard to online-based sweepstakes draws. This makes people dubious of the authenticity of all raffles. Thankfully, there are ways to determine if a sweepstake is a scam or not. 

First, a sweepstake should never ask for personal information on another page other than the brand's website. Additionally, they shouldn't ask for payment details or additional fees to claim a prize. Authentic sweepstakes organizers also use their own domain for their emails. This means they won't send emails through Gmail, Yahoo, or other email service providers. 

4. Are There Illegal Prizes in Sweepstakes? 

Sweepstakes prizes can vary from cash prizes to travel tickets, which is why there's some confusion on the limitations of what can be awarded as a prize. In general, the only restrictions on sweepstakes prizes are tobacco products and firearms. Naturally, other illegal substances like narcotics or other forms of restricted items aren't eligible prizes for these contests. 

5. How Do I Know If I Won a Contest? 

The confirmation guidelines will vary, depending on the company's rules. Most companies will notify you by sending an email, or you may receive a physical letter from the postal service. Others will tell winners via the contact details you wrote on your ticket, either your telephone or cellphone number. 


Being more aware of the sweepstakes' different guidelines will help you determine if you're fit to play for a few draws. The more information you have about these processes, the less likely you'll depend on Lady Luck to grant you that winning raffle ticket. 

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