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The Lucky One: Things You Should Do After Winning Sweepstakes

So they tell you now, "You're the lucky one!" after winning sweepstakes. Many feelings sweep through you—ecstasy, excitement, and shock. One simple action like donating to an organization or scratching a card has led to something completely unexpected, like winning an online raffle! And now you are the lucky recipient of a brand new car!

But the more important question is this: What should you do now that you know you’ve won? You may be here now because you are trying to look for an answer to this baffling question. But guess what? You are the lucky one indeed, as you landed on the right page to guide you in doing the right things right after winning the sweepstakes.

So, sit back, relax, and read the following steps you should take after winning a prize. 

1. Wait For a Win Notification

This is where it all begins. This is the starting point to claiming the grand prize. This notification serves as the official notice that you actually won. However, claiming your reward is a different story altogether as you will have to comply and complete the process of claiming it.

The win notification can be delivered to you via email, registered mail, postal mail, telephone, or even social media. So it's crucial to provide correct and complete contact information whenever you join raffles, contests, and sweepstakes. You wouldn't want to end up waiting too long for a win notification because of incomplete or incorrect contact numbers or addresses.

Also, when you fill out sweepstakes entry forms, be careful not to make any mistake that can be a potential problem to disqualify you or lead you to forfeit the prize. Ensure that you fill in the form with correct details by double-checking it before submitting it.

2. Verify Your Win

Hold on. Receiving a win notification may not be a sign of luck every single time. Who knows, it may be a scam or a gimmick trying to get something from you instead. These scams have become incredibly common these days, so you should be very careful.

After receiving a notification, you should immediately verify it by reaching out to the sponsor company responsible for giving away the prize. You must remember that you never have to pay for anything to claim your prize when you win in sweepstakes. If they tell you otherwise, run. 

3. Note the Prize Details

After verifying your win, the next thing to do is note all the essential details, including the sponsor's name, the sweepstakes name, your prize, and the release date of your prize. This way, you can easily track your prize's release, and you can do a follow-up if it was not released on the specified date.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Prize Arrival

Keep your eye on the prize! It's important to know when your prize is coming to your doorstep. This way, you can let the sponsor know immediately if your prize does not arrive on the date specified. They will advise you and keep you informed if there will be any delays regarding logistics and delivery. Just remain in touch with them until the prize arrives.


Winning in sweepstakes is a lucky feat! But claiming your prize will no longer depend on luck as you will have to be diligent in following procedures and completing all the necessary steps. Don’t forget to thank the sponsor for your prize once you receive it! 

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