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The American Dream of Winning the Mega Million Lottery

Consistent engagement in gambling yields only two results: either you go poor or sweep all the prizes at stake out of pure luck. As for the former, you may simply dismiss it as a result of hasty and bad decisions, while the latter is then rationalized as one-in-a-million happenstance brought about by divine odds. But regardless of how you view lotteries and online raffles, the dream of becoming a millionaire is always what pushes you to try your chances. 

The American Dream of Winning the Lottery 

For people living in the United States, the avenue for gambling activities is wide and accessible. One that holds high regard in the industry is the multi-state lottery, which debuted back in 2002. Citizens from 45 different states vie for the lottery's prizes, and people outside America are also allowed to participate.

The mechanics aren’t complicated at all. Participants are only required to pick five numbers from 1 to 70. After doing so, an additional number, called the Megaball, must be selected between 1 and 25.

If none in the roster of players secure a win, the current jackpot amount is added to the next amount, ever-growing until such time that a player emerges victorious.

Those who take an interest in joining Mega Millions should buy tickets only from reliable sources or from the official website. Another option is by visiting any physical retailer delegated in different parts of the country. The typical resort of non-US citizens, however, is through online purchase. 

The most exciting part of the sweepstake is the prizes that may be won for as low as $2. More interestingly, players may boost their chances by availing the "megaplier" ticket, which doubles all the money at stake except for the jackpot. In the event that your ticket bears the winning numbers straight and without a miss, it would not be qualified for the "megaplier" bonus since it is only for consolation prizes. 

Law-Compliant Raffle Draws

True enough, lotteries and other forms of gambling have a relatively disreputable image even though they are allowed by the government. While that fact alone bears a negative connotation, personal raffle draws are prohibited even if they carry the same elements as public lotteries. This is because the state is the only entity allowed to conduct mass gambling. Any individual or private company who pursues the industry without due requirements is bound to face legal charges. 

With the combination of state and federal laws policing the industry, private parties who want to engage may initially check the existing regulations in their location. The need to conduct deeper research and necessary registrations is crucial, together with the enforcement of a gaming lawyer. The success and approval depend on documentation and legal assistance, and an organization might be rejected or approved according to how strict the current laws are.


The funny truth remains that a person is only ever so lucky if they win in a lottery. Some people try as hard as they can to bag the prizes, spending their last bucks hoping that a single ticket will bring fortune. But our constant gambling engagements, no matter how persistent, will only turn out good if it is meant to be. And so, moderation must be observed as you wouldn't want to see your cash go to waste. 

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