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7 Sweepstakes Winning Tactics According to Winners

Winning the sweepstakes is something that every sweeper wants, but not all succeed. For the most part, winning the sweepstakes has been synonymous with luck. But that doesn’t have to be.

In this article, we’ll be listing the best tips, strategies, and tactics sweepstakes winners have shared so that you, too, can win.

1. Enter the Sweepstakes Multiple Times

The best way to increase your chances of winning is by increasing your entries, right? No rule prohibits you from participating and winning in more than one sweepstake at a time. So, enter multiple times.

While different sweepstakes have different rules, most of them allow multiple entries by the same person. The best way to determine whether you are eligible for numerous wins is by reading up the form before filling it out.  

Moreover, you should also keep track of all sweepstakes you’ve entered to maximize your chances.

2. Enter Sweepstakes with Short Entry Windows 

A lot of the more giant sweepstakes run for weeks or months, which means you’ll have to wait a more extended amount of time to know if you’ve won. While it can be convenient, these sweepstakes receive thousands of entries, reducing your chances. 

Entering giveaways with short entry windows means you’ll be up against fewer participants. Targeting these sweepstakes can increase your chances of winning.

3. Enter Instant Win Games at Non-Peak Periods 

Some sweepstakes hold instant win games throughout the day. However, the best time to participate is in the early morning or late at night. You’ll be competing against fewer people in these periods, giving you more chances of winning.  

You may also shift between times to add variations to your entries and increase your odds of winning. Also, you should take a screenshot of your winning message for proof in case you’re going to need it.  

4. Enter Sweepstakes with Multiple Prizes

You definitely have low chances of winning if you’re entering in sweepstakes with just a single big win. If it’s a single, colossal prize, you’ll be up against too many contenders. On the other hand, you have higher odds of winning in sweepstakes with multiple small prizes.  

5. Organize Your Sweepstakes Entries 

Always keep track of all your sweepstakes entries. Better yet, create an excel workbook where you log all giveaways you participate in, even the small ones.  

You should create separate sheets for your daily, weekly, and one-time sweepstakes entries. It’s also essential to write down entry dates, winner announcements, second rounds, and more. That’ll help you identify which ones you can enter again.  

6. Refer Friends and Get Bonus Entries

If you know sweepstakes that’ll give you additional entries by making referrals, then do it! Refer your friends or with like-minded individuals also interested in sweepstakes for higher chances of winning. 

7. Enter Local or Regional Sweepstakes 

There are fewer participants in local and regional sweepstakes compared to the national giveaway. If you participate in these sweepstakes, you’d have improved odds of winning. 

Moreover, you may also check for local giveaways hosted by restaurants, local stores, movie theaters, and more. If you’re entering local store sweepstakes, nothing should stop you from submitting multiple entries at all their locations. 


Winning the sweepstakes isn’t all about being lucky–it’s about knowing how to tip the odds to your favor and increase your chances of winning. These tips and tactics, brought to you by sweepstakes winners, should help you maximize your winning odds in your following entries. 

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