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The Secret Formula to Winning the Sweepstakes: What to Know

Is winning on a sweepstake based on pure luck? If you are here to find out the answer, there is only one thing you need to know. Sadly, there is no one winning formula. By definition, sweepstakes are luck-based. It depends solely on chance. But there are ways you can improve your chances of winning. 

The More Your Entries, The More Chances for You to Win 

Winning in sweepstakes depends on uncontrollable factors. It is not like a contest wherein you can prepare and enhance your skills to win. You can win if and only if luck is on your side. 

Like any other luck game, the more your entries each day, the higher your chances of getting selected as the winner. One entry a day will always be better than no entries at all. While it would not guarantee a win, it increases your chance from zero.

When joining, make sure that you still abide by the rules. Every sweepstake implements its own protocols, including the maximum number of entries you can have per day. 

Since it is a game of luck, it somehow has its addicting element. People who join want to know how far their luck can take them. Should you wish to maximize your chances, make sure not to spend the whole day just placing entries. Do it quickly so that you have enough time to spend for yourself and others. 

When to Stop the Hobby 

Sweepstakes are not something that you should take seriously. They are supposed to be a hobby to enjoy and not an everyday task that stresses you out. More importantly, joining sweepstakes is not a job that you should rely on for income. If it comes to the point where you are already doing any of the following, you might want to consider stopping. 

  • You spend a lot of time creating entries.
  • You ignore your family and friends and damage other important relationships
  • You keep on saying “just one more entry” or “last one,” but then start to make for more entries
  • You jeopardize your health so that you can join one more time
  • It is no longer a fun activity but a serious concern that never satisfies you 

How to Manage Your Love for Sweepstakes 

How you control your sweepstakes solely depends on your self-discipline. Here are some ideas you can try to manage it:

  • If you want to try joining every day, make sure you allot a specific time to do it. It is okay to play every day, but it would be best if the game does not consume your entire day. Try to choose a dull time to do it. Perhaps you should do it while waiting in line at the grocery store or while drinking your coffee in the morning.
  • Keep your entries organized. Try to find a bookmarking system or other means that you think work for you. It would help speed up your entry process.
  • Read through the sweepstakes mechanics and ensure you follow them. That way, you know that your entries are valid. Moreover, your effort and time would not be put to waste. 


Joining sweepstakes is fine so long as you enjoy it and do not neglect your responsibilities, family, and friends. If you want to exhaust all possibilities, you may do so but make sure you follow the rules and know when to stop. Again, sweepstakes is a luck game, and there is nothing else you can do to win than try and try again. 

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