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Answering 3 Questions That Will Help You Win the Sweepstakes

Contrary to popular belief, winning a sweepstakes contest isn’t about being lucky or blessed to have the winning ticket. In fact, veteran players have different strategies to help them increase their chances of winning a draw. While this may seem impossible, the key to winning any ratio-based game is by asking the right questions.

Beating a Game of Luck with Facts and Research

Lots of games, like poker, blackjack, and even roulette, require luck and chance as a part of its win condition. This is true for games. However, simply sticking your chest out and hoping you’ll win isn’t the best way to beat these games. In fact, there are numerous ways to get better at winning sweepstakes if you do your research. 

If you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, here are three questions you should know the answers to: 

1. How Do I Choose the Right Sweepstakes to Join? 

There are numerous sweepstakes that run throughout the year. Some of them you can enter digitally, while others require a physical ticket for you to enter. The prizes you can win can also vary from cash, vacation trips, vehicles, and even gift certificates. With numerous raffles to choose from, it can get tricky to find which sweepstakes will give you the best chances of winning. 

In reality, sweepstakes aren’t all about luck. This is why veteran players look for niche contests with limited player pools. Since some sweepstakes restrict entries by state, age, or even communities, you have a much greater chance of winning in these draws. After all, competing against the entire US isn’t actually a realistic goal. While the prize pool is much smaller than million-dollar nationwide sweepstakes, you’ll have better odds of looking for niche sweepstakes. 

2. How Do I Play Multiple Sweepstakes Simultaneously 

There’s more than one way to increase your chances of winning a sweepstakes contest. If you’re not too iffy about the wording, you can still gain a greater chance of winning by entering different contests simultaneously. This is an excellent way to optimize your time instead of waiting for draw dates in the next few months. 

Keep in mind that having entries on multiple contests will be difficult to track. For this reason, you should have a dedicated email for joining sweepstakes contests. Doing so will prevent you from mixing your other mail with your contest-dedicated notifications. This also helps you organize your inbox and look for announcements regarding specific draws. 

3. How Do I Not Get Disqualified from Sweepstakes? 

Disqualification is a broad term when it comes to following sweepstakes policies. You can get disqualified for specific actions unknowingly, so it’s important to carefully read the guidelines on specific contests. If you’re not careful, your winning ticket could even be null and void if you don’t put the right information or respond to the proper communication channels. 


Winning sweepstakes contests was never about depending on luck. Although it’s still a game of chance, players have plenty of opportunities to tweak the odds to their favor with the right strategies. Even while playing by the rules, you can take a chance at winning outstanding prizes if you know how to raise your luck with your own two hands. 

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