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Omaze Sweepstakes: Every $5 Is an Entry for the Giveaway

Helping others will always be rewarded. That’s especially true in Omaze’s ongoing online sweepstakes! For every $5, people can get a chance to win a brand new car while helping those in need. But how do you join? Here are all the things you need to know:

The Story Behind Omaze 

Omaze was founded on the idea of achieving a once-in-a-lifetime experience while helping others. They are a fund-raising platform helping people in need while making a difference in the world. According to their website, they implore a sustainable approach to fundraising, allowing non-profit organizations to spend less time raising funds and instead focus on serving their chosen community’s needs.

Make dreams come true—for you and others. Omaze believes that donating, dreaming big, and entering their raffle gives people a chance to win life-changing prizes. The organization has raised over $150 million to support more than 350 charities—proof that they’re changing lives for the better. 

So How Does It Work? 

Omaze secures partnerships with celebrities and various organizations to come up with exciting prices. By donating and buying items from their store, people qualify to enter the raffle. People can also use alternate entry methods to join without any charges. 

Being a “for-profit” charity and fundraising organization, only a tenth of the total donated amount goes to the charities supported by them. However, that is because their prizes have overhead costs that encourage people to donate and join.  

The organization claims that higher-level donations make up for the shortcomings. For example, 10 percent of a million dollars is still $100,000 donated to chosen charities. Meanwhile, their raffle prizes aren’t too extravagant; about 60 percent of the funds collected are given to the charities they support. 

What Kinds of Prizes Can You Win From Omaze? 

Omaze likes to play it big. Their prizes include having unique experiences with celebrities, massive cash, and other big rewards, like new houses or cars. The good thing about Omaze is that it tries to be as inclusive as possible. They have options to join their raffle for free. People can get a chance to win these great prizes even without donating or buying from them.

Joining the raffle through the alternate entry method gives people 200 free entries. Overall, people can enter as many as a million times per giveaway. However, Omaze has a set of rules for all of their giveaways on who can join or exceptions to those rules. If there are restrictions to the ongoing giveaway, these are posted on their website for everyone to see. 

Is Omaze Legit? 

It is a company that tries to raise money for charities while giving away life-changing prizes. In August of 2019 alone, they raised over $1.2 million for 43 different charities. 

However, it’s important to remember that Omaze is not a charity—but a for-profit company. It keeps $1.50 from every $10 donation as income. But it also spends another part of each donation on marketing and other expenses. On top of that, they would have to deduct the cost of the prizes from their donations. 

As of writing, it’s unclear whether people can deduct their donations from their taxes. Some regions allow it, while most don’t. If you prefer to get a deduction from your donations, donate directly to the charity you’d like to support.


Wouldn’t it be great to win something from helping others? Remember that every kind of help is rewarded, as long as it’s truthful and honest. Let’s help Omaze build dreams by donating on their website. 

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