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Winning the Sweepstakes: How to Know If You’re a Winner

Nothing's more thrilling than waiting for the results and checking to see if you've won the sweepstakes. However, when the sponsor chooses you're named as the winner, what comes next? How will you know if you've actually won? You'll know you've won with prize notification. 

There isn't a standard way to send out a prize notification. That's why when you play the sweepstakes, you need to pay close attention to ensure you don't miss out on the alert. The worst that could happen is finding out too late that you've won to claim your prize. 

So if you're thinking of joining a giveaway or car sweepstakes, here are different ways companies notify winners about their prizes: 

Prize Notification via Email 

Some sweepstakes and giveaways notify winners by sending them an alert through email. But a helpful tip here — so it won't get buried in your work and personal mail — is to have a dedicated email address for giveaways and sweepstakes that you can check out frequently. 

Once you receive an email, it's always good to be careful since it's uncommon to receive untrustworthy emails. For this reason, make sure the email has an attachment of valuable information of the sweepstakes you joined, its rules, and an affidavit to print and return. 

Through Postal Mail 

Some companies will send notifications via post and come through the regular postal service or delivery, like UPS or FedEx. 

Besides the information that you've won, the mail will also come with an affidavit or other forms to fill out to claim your prize. However, please note that this mail shouldn't come in bulk, and you must be wary when you've received a mountain of postal mail from a sweepstakes company.

Through a Telephone Call 

In some cases, companies will call the winner and notify them about your prize. With that, it's best to ensure you answer the call immediately because if you don't, you may be disqualified as a winner and pick someone else. 

For this reason, ensure that you give out a number that you can easily reach. Of course, a mobile number is an excellent choice, or try a call forwarding system, especially if you're always on the go. 

Through a Website, Newsletter, or Social Media Page 

Now that we're living in a digital age, every company in various industries has adapted the digital lifestyle, even sweepstakes companies. Today, sweepstakes companies hold giveaways and car sweepstakes online, allowing more people to join and have a chance at winning. 

Because of this, they'll make it even more convenient for themselves and announce the winners on their platform or other digital channels, such as a newsletter or other social media pages. For this reason, make sure that you check your newsletters and browse through their social media page to find out if you've won! 

The Bottom Line: Read the Rules so You Know How They'll Notify Sweepstakes Winners 

Seeing as there are different methods companies will follow to notify winners about winning the sweepstakes, the best way to know how they'll notify winners is by reading their terms and conditions. So, in whatever giveaway you're joining — may it be car sweepstakes or a weekly raffle — always be responsible and read the rules, so you won't miss out on your winning moment! 

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