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How to Avoid Disqualifications in a Sweepstakes Contest

Sweepstakes is an exciting contest wherein you can get a valuable prize. However, it can be risky to join because there’s only a slim chance that you’ll win. Even if this is the case, many people are still interested in entering sweepstakes because of the prize. Unfortunately, some people are bending the rules just to bring the odds in their favor.

Doing some unfair techniques will only lead to disqualification. Once disqualified, your time, effort, and investment spent to enter the sweepstakes will only be wasted. Sponsors have the ability and obligation to decide and ensure that their winners have followed the rules and are not subjected to disqualification. If you are trying to be the winner, here are some of the things that you can do to avoid disqualification:

1. Do Not Enter Too Often

In a giveaway, some sponsors apply an entry limit restriction that tells how often a contestant can enter. It can be once, every day, weekly, or monthly. If there are limit restrictions, you must ensure that you only follow the indicated times allowed. Entering too often in a contest can make you look like a spammer or scammer. You can face disqualification with your extra entries, and worse, including your legitimate entries.

2. Always Check the Residency Requirements

Before you join, check if your address is eligible for the sweepstakes requirement. If not, your entry will automatically be disqualified because most sweepstakes are restricted to a specific geographic region.  

3. Check the Age Requirements

Before you can qualify for the sweepstakes, double-check if you fit their age requirement. Checking this before joining can save your time and the sponsor’s time as well. While most sweepstakes accept people above the age of 18, some are also open for kids or retirees.

4. Ensure That You Meet Other Eligibility Restrictions

Most sweepstakes have their own restrictions and mechanics. To avoid facing disqualification and wasting your effort, you must read and understand all the sweepstakes’ terms and conditions first so that you can know if you are eligible.

5. Follow the Rules on How to Enter

The most critical way for you not to be disqualified in sweepstakes is to make sure you have entered your entry accurately, including all the details and personal information required. You must enter sweepstakes for yourself only just to make sure that you’ve done everything correctly.

6. Ensure You Are Not Affiliated with the Sponsor

To make it a fair play, contestants who are affiliated with the sponsor will automatically be disqualified. This restriction is to avoid the appearance of favoritism because some other contestants may feel that the contest is unfair if the person who is connected with the sponsor becomes the winner.


Disqualification is a turn-off and a waste of time for players who are joining a contest. While it is understandable that you must do everything to win, it doesn’t mean that you have to play dirty to get the prize. Being disqualified is something that you want to avoid at all costs because your efforts and investment as a contestant will only be for nothing. As much as possible, you must play by the rules so you can have a higher chance of winning.

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