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How They Determine the Scripps Networks’ HGTV Award Winners

The Scripps Networks' annual house giveaways are anticipated by millions of people. People are flocking to enter the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes and the DIY Ultimate Retreat Giveaway for a chance to win a freshly built home. By this point, you must be wondering how the Scripps Network chooses a winner from among more than 100 million submissions.

When you consider that entries can be submitted online and by mail, the process looks to be considerably more cumbersome. Perhaps you've wondered if my odds of winning an online raffle ticket are the same in either case—but don't fret!

The Scripps Networks use extreme caution due to the public's enthusiasm for freebies. They are examined regularly to ensure that prizes are awarded equitably and that each entry has an equal chance of winning.

Read on to discover how The Scripps Network determines their HGTV award winners: 

Sorting of the Entries into Bins and Assigned Number  

The entries are organized into batches based on their arrival order. Following that, between 26,000 and 50,000 entries, the batches are labeled and packaged into containers. Mail-in entries are disposed of in actual dumpsters, whereas virtual entries are disposed of in virtual bins. Virtual bins are nothing more than computer entries. 

A Hopper Constructing a Bin Numbering System 

The number of prospective winners is limited by picking the lucky bin from which the eventual winner will be selected. The method is similar to the ones used in television lotteries.  

A hopper is filled with ping pong balls labeled with bin numbers. The hopper then chooses a ball at random, the number of which determines the winning bin. Only the winning entries will be considered for the next round. 

Choosing the Lucky Bin Winner 

The next step is decided by whether the specified bin number is real or virtual. If it is a genuine bin, HGTV or Ritway employees will empty it on the floor. The employee is then blindfolded and given the task of selecting an envelope at random from a pile of envelopes, and within the winning entry will be found. 

If the bin is virtual, a computer program cycles through the names. The ride's speed makes it impossible to read the names. One employee must now select the winner by hitting the spacebar. The lucky winner is chosen at random when the cycle comes to a standstill. 

Inspectors and auditors thoroughly examine the entire selection process for anomalies. They inspect the ping pong balls before feeding them into the hopper and monitor the whole operation. The Scripps Network carries out the procedure via a sweepstakes administrator. This eliminates the possibility of a conflict of interest between the sponsor and the winner.  

Who Receives Notification of the Winners?

The HGTV dream home winner's information is confirmed before notification. If there is no discrepancy, the winner is notified.

The Scripp Network prefers to arrive in style at the winner's home, office, or family gathering. The winner will be notified by their registered email. The regulations for the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes and other contests specify the dates for selecting and contacting winners. 


If you enjoy sweepstakes, take every opportunity you can to sign up and join. The HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes contest could be easily accessible by mail or online. With these procedures in mind, you’ll have confidence that you have a great chance to win big. So, do not hesitate to claim your stake! Join this exciting raffle and submit your entry!

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