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Best Casino Games in Vegas That Won't Eat All Your Money

The vivid, neon-clad lights in Vegas can be blinding, making it harder to see whether gambling is worth the risk. But the carefree and expensive lifestyle in Vegas can be too tempting to ignore, so it’s understandable to make a few rounds of bets when you’re indulging in the Sin City. Nonetheless, it’s better to play casino games with odds that aren’t stacked against you. 

What’s the point of gambling when you know the probability of winning is little to none? The best games in Vegas should give you a fair chance of earning you some dough, so we’re here to point you to the best casino games that won’t burn deep holes in your pocket!

  1. Blackjack 

With a house edge of only one percent in most casinos, playing Blackjack allows you to bet with a high chance of walking out happily. Instead of pitting yourself against the casino itself, you only need to focus on beating the dealer’s number and avoid going over 21. This makes Blackjack arguably the only beatable game in casinos. 

It’s a simple game with tactics that can boost the odds of seasoned players, though it’s friendly enough that beginners can give it a try without losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in one sitting. 

  1. Poker 

A game that combines luck and skill, poker offers all players to strategize their playthrough and bluff their way to snagging the jackpot. It’s not necessarily beginner-friendly since it takes practice to hone your skills at reading people, but the good news is that you have better control over your money. 

Poker is a rare game that doesn’t put the casino’s money at stake; that’s why the players have more leeway to sweep the table. The only drawback is that the house always gets a portion of your win, but it’s not a bad deal if you consider how the game gives you a fair chance to win.

  1. Penny Slots 

If you don’t want to handle the heat of table games like blackjack or poker, you can always fly solo in Vegas and enjoy some small wins by playing penny slots. Out of all the slot machines in casinos, penny slots are a few with slightly better odds and a not-so-painful loss. 

Chipping away one penny at a time means you can afford to lose, but don’t expect to get a treasure chest out of this game when you do hit the jackpot. With such a small risk, penny slots are there to entertain more than to give you some dough to take home. 

The Bottom Line: Playing Casino Games with Better Odds of Winning

If you’re going for the full Vegas experience and plan on hitting the tables, it’s best to stick to games that won’t suck your ATM dry. The list above should point you to the best odds on the floor so you won’t fly home with empty pockets. 

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