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Avoid Falling for Sweepstakes Scams With These 4 Tips

Winning a sweepstakes prize sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, for many people, the dream of getting their ideal car or winning a large amount of money remains a fantasy. However, for others, they’re tricked into believing a lie, getting fooled into giving their money. If you’re not careful, your dream of winning can quickly turn into a nightmare! 

The Danger of Sweepstakes Scams 

The thing with sweepstakes is that it will take a miracle to win, but you do have a chance, albeit very slim. Although several contests and sweepstakes do provide entrants with a legitimate chance of winning, some of them could trick you into giving your money or confidential information away under the guise of winning. 

Hope is profitable—all it takes is for the right person to take advantage of one person’s hope and use it to gain something. With countless people hit by the devastating impact of the global pandemic, many hold onto hope for things to get better, for money to suddenly fall on their laps to help them with their problems. 

How to Avoid Getting Scammed 

With the number of sweepstakes scams today, it can be challenging to fall victim to one eventually. However, even with the significant number of scams threatening your financial security, you can still avoid falling for them. To help you avoid sweepstakes scams, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to decrease your chances of getting scammed. 

1.Use a Separate Email for Entering Contests 

The best protection against scammers is to avoid getting scams from the start. To prevent scammers from obtaining your email address and other information, make sure to use a dedicated sweepstakes email address.  

For example, if you want to enter a car giveaway sweepstakes, use a separate email address so that if the site gets hacked, scammers won’t leak your passwords and bank information. 

2. Protect your Privacy 

Entering Sweepstakes is risky, as it could jeopardize your privacy, so you must be careful. To decrease the amount of marketing you receive from entering sweepstakes, unsubscribe to unwanted emails, weeding out scams from actual raffles or giveaways.

Other than email, remember also to mind your telephone privacy. Never give out your phone number to anyone you suspect so that you don’t receive any fake calls about winning a car raffle or an insane amount of cash. 

3. Don’t Pay Money to Claim Your Prize 

As a rule of thumb, stay away from anyone that requires you to shell out money to receive your prize. Legal sweepstakes won’t need you to pay for anything or buy something when you win something. When you legitimately win something, you won’t have to pay for taxes or processing fees—those who ask you for any form of payment before claiming your prize are most likely a scammer. 

4. Being Pressured Is a Sign to Back Out 

If your win notification urges you to act quickly to avoid losing your prize, you’re being scammed. Scammers are always in a hurry, as they want to receive their money before their check bounces or to prevent you from doubting the authenticity of your win. 

You may need to provide a quick answer in legitimate sweepstakes, but you should never be pressured or threatened to claim your prize immediately. Remember to keep calm and investigate when you receive a call or email about your win. If there’s no rush to accept a prize, it’s most likely a sweepstakes scammer. 


Everyone who enters a contest or giveaway will all have chances of winning, albeit small. However, no matter how lucky you think you are, make sure to be careful when notified of a sweepstake win, as you may be scammed. Always proceed with caution to avoid getting scammed! 

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