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5 Things to Know About the St. Jude’s Dream Home Giveaway

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s goal is to help treat and defeat childhood cancer. Through raffles and giveaways, they are able to gather funding to help battle the silent disease.

The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway wants to provide a new house to a lucky winner while gathering all the proceeds to fund our research projects on cancer. Here are the frequently asked questions about the Dream Home Giveaway so you can improve your chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Are the Tickets?

  • The tickets are $100 each. Each buyer will only be allowed to snag 50 tickets per transaction, regardless of whether it’s online or by phone. After every transaction, buyers are eligible for another set of 50 ticket entries. However, keep in mind that some locations don’t allow online ticket sales. However, you should still be able to call to buy.

  • Does the House Come with Taxes? What Do I Need to Do if Ever I Win?

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has adopted a resolution that states a $100 ticket price is not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal income tax purposes. However, they require prizes valued at greater than $5,000 to be paid upon acceptance, right before St. Jude delivers the prize to the winner.

    We encourage you to consult a tax professional for further information. The taxes on the house are the winner’s responsibility. The IRS will require ALSAC/St. Jude to collect the taxes before the transfer of property. The winner will then be issued a 1099s for the fair market or appraised value of the property.

  • Which Prizes Am I Eligible For?

  • Every ticket holder who is a legal U.S. resident above 18 years old (except for Arizona, which requires age 21 to be eligible) is eligible for all the prizes as long as the deadline hasn’t passed (except for St. Jude employees, their immediate families, media sponsors, and their immediate families). 

    Each prize has a specific deadline, which means the earlier you buy your ticket, the more prizes you’re eligible for. In case you get picked for the secondary prize, there is no need to worry. All tickets, including those already drawn, will be brought back for the final draw with the dream house as a prize. 

    For the Open House Prize, keep in mind that you would need to register during the open house tour to win. There are no tickets needed for that prize.

  • Will Receipts Be Issued?

  • Ticket receipts should be available and mailed within the first 2-3 weeks of reservation. If an email address is provided during reservation, the purchaser will receive an emailed copy within two weeks, which they can print as their record.

  • What If I Win?

  • If you’re the lucky winner, we’ll call you on the draw day. After which, we’ll send you a Winner Notification Agreement through certified mail with a return receipt U.S. Mail to the address provided during ticket reservation. 

    Every winner has seven days from the date of the receipt of the Winner Notification Agreement to accept the prize by executing and returning the WNA and accept the prize as is.

    For those unable to attend the draw date, no worries! Winners will be announced by name, not by ticket number. Their physical participation is not grounds for disqualification. St. Jude Dream House tickets are also not tax-deductible as you’re signing up for a chance to win in a raffle.


    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is doing a great job providing children with chances to live a normal life. Let’s help them by participating in the St. Jude’s Dream House Contest. You would be helping children and quite possibly winning a house of your own. 

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