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4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Luck in Life

If you want to succeed in life or any of your endeavors, it’s not enough to be just good. You also need a little bit of luck every now and then. When you’re watching your favorite sports team compete, no matter how good they are, winning is never guaranteed, right? When you enter a raffle or car sweepstakes, it’s always up to luck who wins no matter how many tickets you buy. Luck plays a role in all of them. You can’t ignore it, and you really can’t plan for it. So what if you can somehow boost your luck and make it work in your favor, even just for a bit? Here are some time-tested methods you can use to increase your odds of winning in whatever it is you’re doing.

1. Acknowledge the Role of Luck

When losers lose, they blame luck. When winners win, it’s because they were smart. There’s just something inherently wrong with that point of view. If you want to be a winner, you must stay keenly aware of the role luck plays in your life. Acknowledge the fact that the desired outcome could easily have been brought by luck. It’s wrong to think that the outcome was possible because you were smart. If you do that, you all but guarantee that your luck, in the long run, will be bad. By having an objective look at how luck plays a role, you’re more likely to be aware that the situation can change. 

2. Maximize Opportunities

Think about this: if you lock yourself in your house, how many exciting, serendipitous things are going to happen to you? Very few or none at all. That’s because you don’t exactly present yourself with many opportunities to test your luck. According to Dr. Richard Wiseman, author of the Luck Factor, “Lucky people just try stuff. Unlucky people suffered from paralysis by analysis.” If you don’t create, notice, and act upon chance opportunities, then you’re quite likely to feel unlucky or to have no luck at all. There’s a reason why certain personality types are luckier because they tend to create scenarios that maximize opportunities.

3. Run Cutting

Remember those times when your parents tell you to “don’t push your luck” whenever you try to ask for too much of something when you were still a kid? That’s actually a pretty good maxim to live by. Runs of luck always end sooner than you wish. Since you can never tell in advance when a given run of your luck is going to end, the only sensible thing to do is preserve your gains by stopping. Never try to ride a run to its very peak. Remember, the key is always to assume that you’re in the average case. Don’t push your luck. 

4. Turn Bad Luck Into Good

Lucky people aren’t always lucky, but they handle adversity differently than unlucky people. It matters how you respond to disappointment. Approaching your losses with a little bit of optimism goes a long way to improving your perspective on luck. It allows you to take constructive steps to prevent more bad luck in the future. 


If you’ve ever known someone who seems to experience good luck consistently, it’s not because they’re just inherently lucky. It’s probably because they know a thing or two about these luck-boosting tips. Knowing exactly how luck plays its role in every decision is the key to tipping the odds in your favor.

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