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3 Ways You Can Win the New York Lotto in 2021

Nowadays, online lotteries are a hot topic. Most people wouldn’t admit it, but almost everyone wants to be a lottery winner. There are some tricks that you can use to win, but there are more intricate things that you should focus on to secure victory. Yes, the lottery ticket is the primary tool, but what’s more important are the numbers you use.

One significant lottery that’s known to many people is the New York Lotto. That’s because the NY Lotto offers a lot of prizes you can win.

How can you win the New York Lotto? Read on below for more information on the draw games you can join and the methods you can use to win.

More About the New York Lotto

The New York lotto was founded in 1966. A year after, in 1997, it became government-approved and was rightfully run by them. This is also the reason why buying a lottery ticket is completely legal. The first winner of the NY lottery was Lou Eisenberg, who took home $5 million in cash in 1981. The game was stopped at some point in the past for various reasons, such as lottery ticket problems. However, that has never happened again, and it’s still played to this day. 

How To Play 

To play the New York Lotto, you will need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 59. The draw comes twice a week, which is every Wednesday and Saturday. The odds of winning are 1:45,057,474. It’s a huge game after all. 

The winning prize is $292 million in Powerball. There are also prizes for those who win 2nd to 5th place so that no one will go home empty-handed. The in-house draw games are as follows: 

  • Numbers
  • Win-4
  • Take 5
  • Pick 10
  • Lotto
  • Quickdraw
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Games
  • Cash4Life
  • Megamillions
  • Powerball
  • Monopoly Millionaires' Club
  • Sweet Million
  • Millennium Millions
  • Lucky Day 

Now that you know the games you can take part in the NY Lotto, below are the methods you can use to win.  

#1 - Randomizing Your Lottery Numbers 

It may sound counterintuitive, but randomizing your lottery numbers is the best chance you have to win. When it comes to the numbers, you can manually choose them or use the quick pick. Many people go for the manual option because you choose the numbers on your own terms.  

Randomizing a lottery ticket will also do the trick because there’s no definite sequence. The fact of the matter is that winning the lottery is randomized, so it stands to reason that you should randomize your numbers as well. 

#2 - Mix Odd and Even Numbers 

This goes hand in hand with randomizing your lottery numbers. Make sure that the lottery tickets you purchase are a mixture of odd and even numbers so that you can choose a variety of numbers to increase your chances of winning. 

#3 - Play Lots of Games 

Many people make the mistake of playing lottery games that are popular instead of going for other games. Lottery tickets in different games will help you win because there’s no clear-cut method for you to win. So what you should do is to try them all. 

With this in mind, buying lots of tickets will help too. Not only does it increase your chances of winning, but it can help you secure other runner-up spots too. Just make sure that you don’t blow money into lottery tickets, or else you’ll be left with nothing.  


A victory in a lottery game isn’t guaranteed, but there are ways to increase your chances of winning. You will still need a stroke of luck, but the methods mentioned above will surely help.  

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